El Jefe

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70% Indica dominant strain

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El Jefe Information

El Jefe is meant for evening use for a time of deeper relaxation. With THC levels reaching as high as 22% and 25%, the high of this 70/30 Indica-dominant cannabis strain will be felt quickly and effectively.

A cross between Rare Darkness #1 and Abusive OG, El Jefe brings a sedative relaxation that calms your mind and eases built-up tension in your body. This is a great soothing strain after a long tiresome day.

A Full-Body Relaxation Brought To You By El Jefe

The high of El Jefe is nothing short of powerful. The high comes on almost instantly, bringing a sense of relaxation that eases the mind and relaxes all senses. If you are someone who easily tenses up from a day’s responsibilities and stresses, you may enjoy the relaxing effects of this Indica weed strain.

Even though the relaxing high of El Jefe can be experienced as a sedative relaxation, you may notice that your mind remains alert. At least until the potent high starts to wear off and you feel a deep sense of sleepiness take over.

But don’t be surprised if in the meantime you’ll notice an increase in your appetite levels. So before you get too comfortable chilling on the sofa with El Jefe, grab those tasty snacks out of your cupboards. Or your fridge. Go for whatever will satisfy your appetite before you fall into a restful sleep.

El Jefe, The Citrusy Earthy Cannabis Strain

El Jefe cannabis strain gives off unmistakable notes of earthy and hash in its scent. The flavour of this high THC Indica strain blends together a mixture of sweet and spicy smoking experience, showcasing lemon, citrus, and pine highlights.

Both the aroma and taste of El Jefe bring to mind the uplifting effect of the beautifully refreshing outdoors.

El Jefe, What Does It Look Like?

El Jefe grows very dense and big buds generously covered in trichomes, which is why they are sticky when touched or held.

These buds feature a dark green shade, among which purple hues and bright orange hairs offer an overall elegant visual.

14 reviews for El Jefe

  1. Maude

    I never had a strain make me feel as tranquil and at peace with myself. Each time I use it, I feel as if I go on an introspective journey, and come out the other side a better person. It makes you understand why psychedelics help with PTSD and depression. The buds are dense, and loaded with trichomes one on top of the other. Dark and light green and earth tones patterned like textile. The flavor starts with a sweetness that is hard to describe until lemon bursts forward and has you fixate on it because it is so spectacular. Truly a magical strain, El Jefe is underated here. I truly hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy the real thing, especially if you need peace of mind.

  2. Brandon

    Previous two batches were a little nicer but still has a good taste. Not bad for under 200 an ounce, this is a strain I’m keeping an eye on now.

  3. Robert

    Taste absolutley amazing and get me really high really good product

  4. Dana

    A couches best friend

  5. Jessica

    This is definitely my favorite, best taste, burns great and makes me quite happy 🙂 Thumbs up!!

  6. Lori

    The Boss! It’s hard to choose a favourite but this one is way up there.

  7. Brandon

    Yup, still smiling.

  8. Jason

    I like stronger strains and this one fits the bill. Not quite couch lock for me but really knocks me out mentally.

  9. Cyril

    Just wonderful for those looking to be creative or fall into something mindful

  10. Steve

    strong, great smelling and tasting

  11. Carrie

    Wow! This has become one of my favourites. Love the way this one tastes.

  12. Lois

    A friend let me try this, well this is the way I remember pot used to be back in the day!! I like “the chief”

  13. Brandon

    With parents named Abusive OG and Rare Dankness #1 it’s kind of a no brainer this is going to be some proper gear. Purchase with confidence & smoke with a smile.

  14. Brian

    Thumbs up!

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