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Focus by myco labs Information

Focus by myco labs resolves a pressing issue that most of us have had to deal with many times in our lives. We’re talking about mental exhaustion and lack of focus. Regardless of the reason, sometimes you can’t focus on what matters the most. Your performance drops, and you can’t finish what you had in plan. If only there was something that enhanced your focus… But, wait, there is! Focus by myco labs is a brand-new psilocybin-based supplement that does just that.

Mixing up a total of 7 organic plants, including psilocybin, Focus fiddles with your brain in a unique way. Pound by pound, every atom of Focus is devised to increase your productivity and help you focus for longer periods of time. It works by way of microdosing, so you won’t be getting high from the psilocybin. Unless you consume more than 12 capsules at the same time, that is.

What are the effects of Focus by myco labs?


One capsule is enough to enliven your mind and drive away any sign of exhaustion. It can motivate you instantly by sending a jolt of electrifying euphoria right to your brain. It’ll light up like a lightbulb, spewing forth brand-new ideas and actively seeking new solutions to your problems. That’s what it means to be more focused and performant. Focus by myco labs acts a bit like a nootropic substance, in that it enhances your cognition to:

  • Think faster
  • Maintain your focus longer
  • Dissect problems into smaller bits
  • Work more efficiently
  • Think divergently
  • React accordingly to specific situations

Focus isn’t a miracle cure that gives you absolute control over yourself. Instead, it enhances a few cognitive capabilities, which makes you a bit better at everything. Especially in the way you focus and maintain that concentration over a certain period of time. Psilocybin has plenty of intriguing effects when microdosed, such as increasing your creativity, for instance. It’s all within your reach with Focus!

What does Focus contain?


That’s a good question! Focus by myco labs contains a total of 7 plants, including a potent psilocybin blend. Every pack comes in two variants, one worth 50mg of psilocybin, and the other worth 200mg of psilocybin. Each one has varying doses for each ingredient, as follows:

  • 50mg variant contains 50mg of psilocybin blend, 100mg of Lion’s Mane, 50mg each of Pine Bark and Bacopa, 30mg of Choline, 15mg of Huperzine, and 10mg of Vinpocetine
  • 200mg variant contains 200mg of psilocybin blend, 150mg of Lion’s Mane, 80mg each of Pine bark and Bacopa, 50mg of Choline, 15mg of Huperzine, and 10mg of Vinpocetine

Every one of these ingredients is known to offer therapeutic benefits, along the line of reduced depression and anxiety, reduced stress, improved mood, and higher energy levels. Some of them increase your creativity, make you more imaginative, and they also help you focus for longer. The end-result is a nootropic-like capsule that enhances your cognition in more ways than one. It’d be a waste not to try Focus by myco labs!

6 reviews for Focus by myco labs

  1. Jessica

    I suffer from mood disorders which I am medicated for as well as ADHD. I started with the 50mg and these are great! I can focus naturally without feeling the drugs. It’s like the episode of the Simpsons where Homer removes the crayon from his brain.

  2. Ben

    I bought this along with the other myco labs (immunity, relax, and brain boost). This is one of my favourites out of all of them. I am able to take it before work with a noticeable boost to my productivity. I also take caffeine and they are different effects. Caffeine is more of an energy, this is more of a mental kick. 200 mg is better IMO because the lower dose for me I was take 2 at a time. I will have this product as part of my regular health routine.

  3. Cedrick

    Ouais c’est une belle découverte, sa goute pas ou pratiquement pas,la premiere journée ajun le matin leffet dune capsule était suffisante! Mais la deuxième sa ses vraiment placé et la 3e la le processus microdosing était enclancher et du coup asser plaisant pour etre honnête, je me sentais effectivement plus créatif et plus concentré,les couleur plus vive et surtout dans une belle jumeur plaisante !je recommande le produit cetais bon pour moi!

  4. Jason

    Fantastic product that helps me in the mornings start my day off right!

    I started at a time when my brother passed, I have a hard time with pharmaceuticals so this was an avenue I thought might help and it did!

    I took one 200mg capsule in the morning first thing when I woke up and it felt like having a coffee. I felt more “in tune” with my day and more positive with its outcome.

    All it takes is 1 capsule and some water!

  5. John

    Always have these on hand! Excellent for when I’m feeling a dark day coming on. Highly recommend.

  6. Devin

    Wow love these things. So much better than Caffeine pills. No stomach pain no digestive issues at all. No maybe side affects rendering you intoxicated. Buying more and spreading the word to my friends and family

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