G Wiz by Gastown Collective

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8 reviews for G Wiz by Gastown Collective

  1. Garrett

    very smooth and flavourful , Also dont need much to get a good buzz !

  2. Benjamin

    Nice large buds, very sticky indeed. Left my grinder a bit gummed up. Easy, relaxing smoke with good expansion and sweet, thick smoke on the exhale.

    A nice choice for those looking for an end of the evening smoke, left me very relaxed and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

    I would order this one again, 5 stars!

  3. John David

    Nice tight buds, strong skunk smell – “Gee Wiz!”

    This is a heavy hitter, very gummy tight buds, better for pipes and bongs if you are looking to preserve as the yield is low for a joint with the flower being as tight as it is – that said, I puffed mine in joints as I really enjoyed the taste.

    Buds present top notch with deep blues and punchy orange hairs, definitely a quad smoke 👍

    5 stars

  4. Ryan

    This may be one of the best strains I’ve ever tried. It’s really smooth and relaxing! Will be back for more very soon. Thanks mmj

  5. celine


  6. Brandon

    I had much higher expectations after trying “The One”

  7. Ryan

    Never ever let down by Gastown Collective. This G Wiz was amazing fluffed up great, smoke was smooth. This high is super cool and a must try for every Pot Connoisseur. Don’t let this opportunity go, and get your bag of G Wiz today

  8. Alex

    Dense, tightly packed buds. Smells great, almost citrusy.

    So sticky my grinder gets gummed up if I put too many buds into it.

    Smooth smoke and very strong, actual one hitter-quitter. Don’t pack a full bowl! You’ll never finish it in one session.

    Gastown Collective does it again.

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