Gas Mask

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Gas Mask Information

This unique strain is a craft cannabis collaboration between breeders Pacific NW Roots and Exotic Genetix, both out of the US’ Pacific Northwest region. This strain is fairly rare and slightly difficult to find, so it’s a good idea to jump on it when you get the chance.

True to its name, Gas Mask features a complex aroma dominated by the scent of fuel cut with the distinctive smell of citrus. While this strain does feature a mix of Sativa and Indica traits, it’s a heavy-hitter that can quickly couch-lock an unwary smoker. As a result, Gas Mask is best suited for relaxing at the end of a long day. It’s also an effective nightcap that can help lull a smoker to sleep.

Uses and Effects

As an Indica-dominant hybrid, this strain features a pleasant mix of stimulation and sedation. Gas Mask initially produces the cranial and euphoric effects that Sativas are known for, and may provide possible benefits like improved sociability, heightened creativity, and an electric rush of energy.

However, Gas Mask’s relaxed Indica vibes quickly follow up to moderate its high-flying Sativa high with elements of tranquillity and calm. These Indica traits may also have several potential benefits including reduced inflammation and chronic pain, increased appetite, improved sleep, and relief from feelings of stress or anxiety.

Strain Background

This strain can trace its lineage back to two classic West Coast strains: Cherry Pie and Alien Kush. Cherry Pie is a fairly balanced hybrid that boasts a pedigree featuring Durban Poison. It features proud orange hairs bursting from between full, dense nugs that boast a purple hue. Gas Mask’s colouring takes after its parent, with brighter pink colouring gracing the crown of each nug. Cherry Pie passes on its even mix of Indica and Sativa characteristics to Gask Mask.

Gas Mask takes many of its Indica traits from its second parent, Alien Kush. This California native got its name from its sedative effects, making smokers feel spaced-out. It also infuses smokers with a noticeable body load, which is perfect for anyone who loves heavy Indicas.


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