God’s Green Crack

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50/50 Indica/Sativa Hybrid

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God’s Green Crack Information

The God’s Green Crack cannabis strain is a masterful combination between God indica strain and Greek Crack sativa strain. This is a balanced Indica/Sativa Hybrid Strain with characteristics coming from both sides.

It has approximately 25% THC content, depending on the growth conditions and the quality of the plant. Read this God’s Green Crack review to find out more about this amazing strain!

What are this strain’s effects?

God’s Green Crack tends to be more energizing than sedating. This means its THC content is rather large, overpowering the CBD content. You’ll likely be feeling happy, euphoric, and with a lightened mood after smoking this strain.

After getting your fill of energy, adrenaline, and euphoria, God’s Green Crack will send your body to sleep, slowly and steadily. The sedation feeling isn’t as strong, which means you’ll be fully functional in the meantime.

Medicinal benefits

God’s Green Crack is your best bet at escaping from depression, anxiety, and stress. The euphoric load will catapult your mind on the peaks of ecstasy and ultimate joy. There’s nothing in the world that compares to the feeling of pure bliss captured by God’s Green Crack.

Beyond the anti-depression benefits lies a much more impressive perk – the combative effects against stress. God’s Green Crack Canada boasts an impressive fighting ability against physical and psychological exhaustion. Many buyers have experienced this feeling of perfect relaxation and comfort.

After all, God’s Green Crack marijuana strain is a hybrid bringing both Indica and Sativa traits to the table. Both THC and CBD cannabinoids are present, providing energy and relaxation in a single dose. If you want to buy God’s Green Crack, we’re at your disposal!

26 reviews for God’s Green Crack

  1. Kara

    It’s a great hybrid with a happy but calm effect. Grinds nicely.

  2. Travis

    A really awesome and tasty strain. I personally really enjoy fragrant strains and this to me had a great smell. My spouse always said smells like Amsterdam. The nuggests were tight and a nice size as well. Overall a great weed I really enjoyed it for my daily smoke.

  3. Rahim

    A great Hybrid strain! Definitely one of my new favs. A great daytime strain to smoke. Smells incredible! Great effects! Can be used anytime of the day! Even at night as it won’t keep you up like some other hybrid strains.

  4. Cedrick

    Plein de sucre,parfait pour faire du finger hash le buzz est pamal 50/50 aussi bon le jour que le soir bien apprécié

  5. Curtis

    I find this strain to be absolutely delicious in flavour and aroma. It has kind of an “old timey”skunky- ness to it.
    It makes me very high, and physically comfortable and has improved sleeping considerably
    NOT GOOD for my chronic anxiety! So I always do about 15 to 20 mg of CBD in the form of an RSO concentrate to balance it out( I do this about an hour before rolling a joint of GGC, and this strategy is very good for the anxiety, pain and sleep disruption that all the cancer treatments have caused for me.
    I still tell everyone about GGC.
    And I hope to God that MMJDirect continues to carry this most excellent herb ??

  6. Kathryn

    Great daytime high! Would definitely recommend for productive days.

  7. Deryk

    Just as good as it sounds
    Will def reorder in the future

  8. Victor

    really good stuff but you sure can feel the “crack” ! ??

  9. Matthew

    Very nice buds which were well cured. Certainly a potent strain but the CBD really rounds things out. A good balance.

  10. Andy

    nice tight sticky nugs. enjoyed the high and was able to function. will likely purchase this strain again in the future.

  11. Brittany

    LOVE this one. Good, strong high that hits you behind the eyes. Great for pain and chilling.

  12. Cyril

    Great for a little while, but gets bland fast.

  13. Tammy

    Pretty good 🙂

  14. Brandon

    Great quality strain. Tastes like an earthy grape soda when vaped. More a middle of the day strain, due to its 50/50 split

  15. Clement

    Great strain, and the high felt pretty durable. Will order again!

  16. Carrie

    This strain never disappoints. One of my consistent picks.

  17. Carrie

    Awesome quality! Very impressed and will order again!

  18. Dylan

    Really great taste and high

  19. Brandon

    A solid middle ground strain that’s perfect for during the day, or when you need a bit of extra energy at night. And it tastes pretty damn good as well

  20. Catherine

    Although I am a sativa lover, this hybrid strain is a good one. Nice mental and cerebral effects with a side of physical relaxation. I don’t order GGC a lot but I am never disappointed when I do. Nicely cured buds as always with mmjdirect.

  21. Matthew

    Pretty decent bud. Doesn’t seem to be real top shelf “gods green crack” I’ve had from other dispensaries but gets you stoned. Taste isn’t the best but it’s not terrible.

  22. Kevin

    Not a bad high but has an odd smell and taste. Can’t quite put my finger on it but the people I live with literally told me never to buy this strain again it was so distinctive. Has more of a THC high than a CBD, was hoping for a more stress-relieving high when I purchased and that did come through but also made me unproductive and lethargic more than I like from a balanced bud. Better for night time I guess.

  23. Richard

    Amazing purple colouring in the buds. I have never seen a bud with purple that wasn’t great

  24. Darryl

    Perfect blend of thc and cbd.
    Love this strain

  25. Brandon

    Delicious with a solid, well balanced high.

  26. Todd

    Lot’s of crystal on the buds.

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