Golden Goat Cookies

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  1. Maude

    When I first fell in love with pot it was Sour D that brought me in. I thought there could be no better bud on earth than that, and before Sour D I was never all that interested in pot. Over the years I have found some strains that were to me slightly better. But nothing Compared to the goat. This strain is a powerhouse of anti nausea, anti pain, and anti depression/anxiety,This stuff is what weed should be, what growers should aspire too when they make new strains. I prefer a vaporizer but its good any way you hit it. The Golden Goat Cookies has to be one of my new favorites, and I recommend it to anyone who can get the correct genetics.

    Taste: 8,6/10
    Look: 8,5/10
    Effect: 8,9/10

  2. Maddy

    Golden goat cookies was one of my favourite strains from my last order
    Despite the potency I thought the smoke was relatively smooth (as some high thc strains are harsh on the throat)
    The high is intense at first but mellows out and is great for activities, like going on a hike or getting things done around the house
    A lot of this weed could possibly create a bit of anxiety but you don’t need a lot to feel the effects
    To give you an idea of my experience, I’ve returned to purchase an ounce so I would definitely recommend it to people who like to get things done while having a nice buzz and a good giggle
    Golden Goat Cookies will help you laugh at the miseries of life and relax those tense muscles while staying high energy

  3. Deryk

    Smoking this strain made me cough, cough, and cough some more lol!
    Warning: Golden Goat Cookies is not for newbies, as its potency packs one hell of a punch!!
    It helped relieve chronic back pain for me, and my wife claims it helped with her rheumatoid arthritis as well!
    I would recommend (and have already recommended) purchasing this strain as its a 5 out of 5⭐product. It looks better than displayed above. Has a bold earthy pungent taste to it, and a great aroma with it also. Tastes and smells great but grabs ahold of your vocal cords at the same time lol.
    Will def purchase more Golden Goat Cookies in future orders. Thank you MMJ 🙏

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