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Gorilla Breath’s popularity comes from its famous genetic descent. Its parents are Original Glue (Gorilla Glue #4) and OG Kush Breath. Even veteran consumers often keel over at the sheer potency of Gorilla Breath. That’s how potent this strain is, with a THC concentration of 25-27% and 80% Indica inheritance. According to users, the high is fast-acting and very impactful, at least in the beginning. It smashes your mind and body with a combination of euphoria and sedation!

What does Gorilla Breath look and taste like?


With oversized buds that are too fluffy to even call plant buds, Gorilla Breath looks impressive on a first glance. The nugs are neon-green with long orange hairs growing on top of them. If that wasn’t enough, then you should love the chunky amber-coloured crystal trichomes sticked nugs, leaves, and buds. They’re everywhere, covered in a sticky resin of sorts, that makes everything appear even more delicious. Gorilla Breath does look great!

Yet looking great doesn’t mean it’s good for consumption. Not necessarily, at least. Its flavour, though, fully reflects a distinct aroma and taste that’ll please your taste buds to the maximum. A chocolate-infused diesel flavour comes on a first smoke, accompanied by fresh pine, sweet vanilla, and herbal spiciness. When you inhale the smoke, you’ll feel the chocolate-diesel aroma going down to your lungs. It should feel very aromatic and delicious.

How does Gorilla Breath affect you?


One thing Gorilla Breath does splendidly is coax you into a feeling of safety. Until the high actually knocks your mind away, you won’t know what’s happening. On your first and second smoke, Gorilla Breath packs a super heavy high, and users confirm that it’ll enhance your creativity and improve your mood substantially. It may even invigorate your motivation and put you in a place of happiness and joy. You’ll become giggly and far more enthusiastic than before.

Though, these cerebral effects pale in comparison to the physical benefits provided by Gorilla Breath. Once the euphoria dies down at the peak of the high, this strain throws you into oblivion with an unfocused state of mind. A deeply relaxing and blissful sedation should knock you over into sleeping mode. Hard-hitting effects will make you want to sleep and never wake up. Thankfully, Gorilla Breath helps you achieve just that, before treating your medical conditions, such as:

  • Eye pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Appetite loss
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Mild cases of insomnia


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