Grape Fritter

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2 reviews for Grape Fritter

  1. Maude

    Absolutely fantastic high. No foggy headed feeling and you actually feel like doing chores. mood improves 100% with no anxiety. This strain really helps me with my anxiety and depression. I’m not so angry all of the time and I tend to be nicer to the people I love. Bottom line, if you have depression, anxiety and/or quick to anger, I HIGHLY recommend this strain, it has made my life so much easier which makes my family happy.t does not send waves of relaxation pulsating through your body like an indica, but it comes close.t does not send you into mental hyper productivity like a sativa, but it comes close.

  2. Ricky

    All around great day time smoking strain. Helps with me lower my anxiety. Taste a little sweet,little tardy definitely will buy again

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