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70% Sativa dominant hybrid

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Grapefruit Information

Grapefruit, an energizing morning delight and a long-time favourite strain of the cannabis community, is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain with the approximate ratio of 70% Sativa and about 30% Indica. This cannabis plant started to become known in the 1980s after a breeder known as Steve from Spice of Life had discovered the clone.

This strain is a cross between Cinderella 99, also referred to as C99, and an unknown strain. Some believe that the unknown parent strain could possibly be a Thai landrace Sativa.

The appearance of this Sativa plant showcases a short structure that produces lime-green buds with thick, orange to brown to dark purple stigma hairs. The smell and flavour profile of Grapefruit feature tropical, pineapple, grape, citrusy and fruity aromas.

Grapefruit: Potency, Effects, and Benefits

Grapefruit is a cannabis strain that is known to deliver a potent and effective Sativa cerebral high. It can produce an intense and energizing mood boost accompanied by a state of euphoria. This can leave the user feeling happy and highly motivated throughout the day.

Its THC levels generally average at about 20%, which is considered a very impressive amount and is the reason why Grapefruit is so efficient in dealing with pain, anxiety, and depression. This results in mental negativity being shut out.

Due to its energizing properties, the consumer is often left in a state that enables them to socialize more freely and energetically. The cerebral high of this cannabis plant is known to enable its users for deeper levels of thinking and introspection, as creativity and mental productivity start taking the lead. Some have reported that Grapefruit has alleviated headaches and migraines for them as well.

This strain pairs extremely well with active, physical and outdoor activities, such as exploring nature, fishing, social events, walks, housework, exercise, yard games, going out, going to an amusement park, camping, and many more.

If you want to have an energizing boost for your day, regardless if you have planned a fun day outdoors or a productive day indoors, you can easily rely on the beneficial properties this strain can offer you. Simply buy Grapefruit online in Canada.

4 reviews for Grapefruit

  1. Matthew

    Yum, if you have tried grapefruit in your life, when you see it. GO GET IT. because it is a great day time and all arounder smoke. try it in morning or at night. whatever floats your boat. with that classic taste and look. dont hesitate to medicate. this was so much fun in the summer. and any season for that matter.

  2. Viviane

    amazing taste of citrus

  3. Gregorhy

    7.5/ high
    8.5/ flavour
    9/10 scent

  4. Gregorhy

    Great smell . Sticky buds. Definitely recommend

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