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Guava Information

Guava strain is a uniquely crafted variant in the world of cannabis. As a special phenotype of the well-respected Gelato strain, Guava carries its own unique identity. This delightful mix leans heavily towards Sativa with an 80:20 ratio and offers an impressive potency at 22% THC, ensuring a memorable experience.

The Guava strain possesses more than just impressive credentials. Its diverse profile includes uniquely shaped buds, and an aroma that is a fusion of citrus, diesel, grape, sour, and sweet scents. The flavour range is broad as well, presenting a palette of berry, creamy, fruity, grape, sour, and sweet. Visually, this strain captivates with a vibrant array of colour, making it a feast for the eyes as well as the senses.

A Cornucopia of Flavours and Fragrances

The Guava strain serves as a sensory trip to a fruit orchard. Its flavours offer a harmonious blend of juicy berries, creamy overtones, and an assortment of fruits that intertwine to create an addictive taste profile. The tangy notes of grape and sour add complexity, while the sweet undertone keeps the palate engaged and craving more.

The olfactory journey with Guava is equally gratifying. The initial whiff hits with the refreshing aura of citrus, quickly followed by a surprisingly appealing diesel tone. The delightful scent of grape intermingles with the sour notes, rounded off by a pleasing sweetness, resulting in an aroma that is both sophisticated and intriguing.

An Uplifting Guava Gusto

The Sativa-dominant Guava strain usually delivers a sense of focus and upliftment, making it a brilliant companion for tasks requiring creative input. The potency is no joke, and its users often find themselves in an elated state of happiness, easing into a relaxing state of mind.

Its sociable vibe makes it a hit for gatherings and meet-ups, ensuring laughter-filled conversations. Moreover, it’s been known to spur a bit of the munchies, so having some snacks at hand might be a good idea. While its effects are invigorating, Guava is also versatile enough for an evening relaxation session, thanks to its subtle Indica influence.

The Dazzling Guava

Visually, the Guava strain offers a delightful spectacle. The buds are a strikingly beautiful medley of shapes and sizes, imbued with hues of rich green, yellow, and spots of purple. This diverse spectrum of colours lends an artistic flair to the strain, making it a real beauty to behold.

However, the real stars of the show are the sparkling trichomes that blanket the buds. These tiny, crystal-like structures glisten under the light, adding a touch of glamour to each nugget of the Guava strain. Their presence is not just aesthetic; they house the potent cannabinoids responsible for Guava’s unique effects, thereby elevating the strain to its elite status.

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  1. Derrick

    Definitely a good bud to choose. It’s certainly priced right. I am already ordering more! Placed the order and received it within 2 weeks. Thanks again

  2. Autumn

    This strain was so lovely. I felt motivated to get some tasks done that I had been avoiding. Did them with a smile on my face and felt so relaxed afterwards. I will abdolutely get this again.

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