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Honey Oil 1ml Syringe by Drip Extracts Information

Honey, your favourite new Oil, is here. Honey Oil is another name for Hash Oil, a type of marijuana concentrate that’s exploded in popularity over the last decade. It’s a non-technical term that can be applied to any concentrate made with CO2, butane, or ethanol. Honey Oil is a highly-processed extract with a significantly higher THC concentration than flower or even extracts like bubble hash. Many concentrates, including some types of Honey Oil, regularly reach THC concentrations of 80 percent.

What does Honey Oil Look and Smell Like?

Honey Oil gets its name from its appearance. There are countless types of concentrate, normally named in accordance with their appearance. For example, shatter is hard and brittle while sugar wax is thick and viscous, with an appearance like tiny grains.

Honey Oil gets its name because it looks like honey. This deep amber-hued oil is a goopy consistency that’s ideal for dabbing. In addition, Honey Oil has a unique, sweet aroma that’s instantly recognizable as a concentrate.

What are the Effects of Honey Oil?

While marijuana flower only has THC concentrations between 20 and 30 percent, Honey Oil’s is significantly higher than that at 80 percent. As a result, Honey Oil’s possible effects are significantly more powerful than flower is.

Honey Oil has several possible effects. First, the high it provides is significantly more intense and lasts longer than a high from flower. Often, a single dab of Honey Oil is enough to keep a smoker high all day. In addition, Honey Oil may be even better at alleviating a host of health problems than flower is. Honey Oil may have anti-inflammatory, pain-fighting, sleep-inducing, and anxiety-alleviating traits. As a result, it may be an effective way to deal with the symptoms of issues like insomnia, arthritis, and chronic pain.

22 reviews for Honey Oil 1ml Syringe by Drip Extracts

  1. Erik

    Mainly purchased this out of nostalgia for the 70’s. Sweet to taste and clean, pure. Felt like a nice saliva buzz.😁

  2. Donna

    I have been using this for quite awhile. I can’t say enough good about it. It has changed my life. And also, cut my rx’s by more than half. I get much more pain relief and just better sense of well being. I have lost over 80 lbs. Although originally prescribed by my specialist, and my GP was totally against it. My GP has totally changed his tune. I recommend to anyone with Chronic pain or cancer.

  3. Chris

    Very nice addition to any joint or edible. Great to have on hand when the weed isn’t doing much after a long day of smoking it, a bit of this really takes it up a notch.

  4. Joseph

    This product is amazing taste great!

  5. Nick

    This honey oil is a great additive for any other green substance, but by itself it is really good too. It create a crazy cloud. It tastes good and it does the job!
    Although it takes a bit longer for the ride to ramp up, it is as good as any of the competing products. The syringe makes it easy to measure out doses. Stick some on a joint, put some in a vape or in a bowl, it is all good!
    I will definitely be buying some more of this stuff.

  6. Robyn

    It’s a very decent hit of pain relief when needed. The flavor is pretty tolerable as well. Very often the stronger products can be a bit hard to swallow, but this one is consistently milder.

  7. Dustin

    Good stuff!!! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 a nice relaxing high. just throw it on your rolling paper an roll a nice honey oil joint it is nice after work

  8. Jo-anne

    These are great little go anywhere syringes!👌🏿 Line a rolling paper with it and your joint becomes a “ stupa reefa”! Ya, I’m old! And I remember this from’76.

    It’s old home week for us overaged long hairs ! This s… is old school hash oil that will knock you on yo behind!😎🙃😜, provided you use a half a syringe sublingually or do the same to a doobie.

    Ordered 4 and still have 2 left…a month later, which for a viper like me is a long time.
    At this price point you won’t be disappointed!😁

  9. Rob

    Nice color, spreads easily and gives a good buzz. recommend

  10. Jerry

    Definitely recommend and would buy again

  11. Scott

    Tried this because i wasn’t able to get Pegasus concentrate. I was quite surprised. very relaxing feeling. great taste. would certainly recommend this product to anyone. Price is great

  12. Derek

    Always my reliable go to. Still old school hash oil but with expensive equipment and pros.

  13. Jas

    This little syringe packs a punch. I love concentrates that come in a syringe it makes it so much easier to use to the produce without any waste. 1-3 dabs and you’ll be melted to your couch! Highly recommended!

  14. Dan

    🐝🐝 let’s get down to beesness , The honey oil got me zooooted 🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯 quite tasty and the hybrid was great for anytime of day 🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯

  15. Alexandre

    Cette huile etais vraiment excellente je l’ai fumer jai adorer

  16. karen

    This is my first purchase of honey oil. It’s Amazing 😉! The surging works perfectly so as to not waste any. One tiny drop and what a hit that lasted 4 hours. I’m buying more of these because they are on sale. Want to stock up 😁😁

  17. Lori

    This takes me back to the deadly honey oil of my mid-spent youth!!!!! I love this!!! 😁👍🏼❤️

  18. Tyler

    This one stoned me so good I almost forgot to leave a review 6/5 stars 🌟

  19. Kevin

    Nice all

  20. Jeremy

    This honey oil is really awesome. I use it to either rub on the outside of a joint, or top of a bowl. Both work great.
    The dispenser works really well, and keeps it fresh and usable for sometime. I found it was easy to squeeze some out, and spread across the joint. It adds a great flavour, and potency to both. 10 out of 10, would smoke again!

  21. Patrick

    I was quite skeptical of this oil. I always found oils harder to deal with, but the syringe system was impeccable. The honey oil itself though, was top notch. Smooth and tasty and of course quite effective. I used this product with a few different flowers and found the oil to overpower the flowers. At first, I wasn’t happy about that, but once the buzz started to hit me, BAM! I was in love. My girlfriend and I enjoyed the honey oil so much that 1ml lasted 2 days. The price is right and the THC content goes unmatched.

  22. Alexandre

    This product is delicious,

    Verry potent stuff :p

    To dab or mix with mary
    Turns a tegulaar joint to something incredible,
    I strongly approve this

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