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Jokerz Candy Information

Jokerz Candy is a highly potent Indica-dominant weed strain. With 27% high THC levels, this heavy-hitter is not meant to be used by a beginner. The 1% CBD content of Jokerz Candy offers a soothing relaxation for the body.


This powerful weed flower is the result of crossing Gummiez and Grape Gas marijuana strains. Enjoy the highly calming, relaxing, and sedative high of Jokerz Candy after a stressful and tiresome day.


Jokerz Candy, A Soothing Sedation At The End Of The Day


The high of this cannabis Indica hits hard, so be ready. Initially, you may experience a calming effect that is also uplifting at the same time. Your focus may shift from the burdens of your day to the euphoric comfort you are experiencing at the moment.


But don’t plan on doing much after the high kicks in. Because even tho a sensation of happiness and ease remains, both your body and mind will become increasingly more relaxed and chill until you start feeling a wave of sedation.


If the dose was very high and your tolerance level is low to medium, the sedative effect may cause a couch-lock effect. But, as your body melts into the comfort of your couch, the calming and sedative effects will erase aches and various discomforts in your body and worries from your mind.


After a soothing calmness and happy feelings, you may soon find yourself so sleepy that as soon as your head hits the pillow, you will wander into a restful sleep.


Jokerz Candy, An Earthy Sweetness


The taste of Jokerz Candy is a pleasant blend of sweet and sour, with earthy and candy flavours. You may notice some gas undertones as well.


The aroma of this Indica-dominant weed strain brings a cocktail of sweet and grape aromas. Some even detect hints of dark chocolate in its fragrance.


Jokerz Candy, An Icy Look


The appearance of Jokerz Candy captivates one’s attention instantly as an abundant layer of icy-looking trichomes cover the flower.


The bud structure of this Indica strain is dense, with a combination of dark green and purple colors. Burnt orange hairs weave their way through the dark green leaves.


3 reviews for Jokerz Candy

  1. Ryan

    A nice hybrid with medicinal benefits. The buds are fluffy and coated in powdery, glistening trichs. Subtle scents of grape and gas permeate from the freshly opened bag.

    Rolled up nicely in a joint and burned clean and without too much harshness. Earthy on exhale with a touch of sweetness. Although Jokerz Candy is a high THC indica-dominant strain, the high comes on soft and subtle. At first you’ll feel calm and clear-headed, then it slowly transforms into relaxation and sedation. I can only describe it as soothing and meditative. Not your typical indica couch-lock perhaps due to the strain having a decent CBD percentage as well.

    I would highly recommend this to anyone who feels anxious or depressed as it puts your body and mind in a good place.

  2. Sebastien

    Excellent produit jai adorer! Tres bon gout et tres doux execlent pour le jour et tres bon pour avoir des fou rire . Note de 8.5 sur 10 je le recommande

  3. Ricky

    Great strain. Helped with all the high anxiety and depression go away. a little bit of a creeper but after a few minutes you forget about everything great for night time or when you have no plans

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