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Kitchen Sink by Gastown Collective Information

Kitchen Sink by Gastown doesn’t sound at all like a weed strain. But we’ve become accustomed to the weird naming system that weed growers use on their creations. Gastown Collective has a golden history of creating superior-level weed strains, and we have no reasons to believe that this time will be any different. Thanks to them, we’re able to get our hands on this perfectly balanced hybrid that is Kitchen Sink.

One thing that Gastown Collective is good at is finding just the right strains, combining them, and distilling their best traits into a new hybrid. That’s exactly the case with Kitchen Sink. This strain boasts an insane THC level at 15-19%, and a delicious fruity and vanilla flavour. There’s some spicy nuttiness and creamy textures here and there. You’ll love Kitchen Sink for the relishing feeling it offers.

What does Kitchen Sink by Gastown look and taste like?


Kitchen Sink combines the visual appealing nature of its parents, GMO Cookies and Sundae Driver. The leaves are flat and green, with olive-coloured nugs that have hints of dark-blue surrounding them. Around them, there are orange pistils that give off a shiny and translucent appearance. Though, nothing compares to the slick coat of frosty trichomes that covers both the hairs and nugs in their bright luminescence. One look and you’re completely hooked in Kitchen Sink’s visual splendour!

Its taste and aroma combine the natural fruitiness and vanilla-creamy flavours of its parents. We believe this combination is simply perfect, offering just the right type of spiciness, sweetness, and aromatic glamour. Take your first smoke and see where all the hype is coming from! The relaxing scent and creamy goodness make Kitchen Sink and unmistakable strain that delivers instant relaxation and euphoria. There’s a sweet and intense fruity flavour when you exhale, as well!

What are the effects of Kitchen Sink?


One of the best things about this strain is the 50-50 Sativa-Indica balance. Regardless of your predilections, you can’t dislike Kitchen Sink. It offers the best of both worlds, so there’s no reason to experience any side-effects, even when you smoke all of it in one go. When Indica and Sativa are perfectly balanced, the effects can only be split both ways. Euphoria and relaxation will come together, bringing a soothing sense of joyful comfort that extends a few hours into the future.

This is a type of cerebral psychedelia that eventually makes you immovable, stuck in a sedative couch-lock that wholly relaxes your body. Let your mind wander off while Kitchen Sink takes care of your body with therapeutic benefits. Weed is widely recognized for its mind-altering effects, yet the therapeutic benefits are even more important. Smoking Kitchen Sink will help you combat the following symptoms and medical conditions:

  • Chronic pains
  • Depression
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Headaches

9 reviews for Kitchen Sink by Gastown Collective

  1. Sal

    This has been my favorite Gas Town strain so far. It literally gave me a couch high. I was very relaxed and ended up having a positive experience each time I smoked this strain. It definitely hits hard and does the job. id recommend this for an after work session as the buzz may be a bit much for a day time high, this coming from a heavy smoker. No regrets here on purchase

  2. Alexandre

    Top shelf, gastown collective did it again.
    Not too sure about that name but the product is not questionnable .

  3. Michael

    I got this partly because if its lineage, and also due to its random name. This stuff was amazing! Love the gassy diesel types and I found this to hit that mark with smell and taste. Straight gas! Potency was there for sure as well. Gastown never lets me down. I will for sure be grabbing more of this stuff!!!

  4. John David

    The initial smell is exactly what you would expect from the GMO lineage – once it hits your grinder you get a very skunky-dank full body earthly aroma – burns well and will have you eating everything in sight, maybe even the kitchen sink!

  5. Giuliano

    Kitchen sink. When I first came across this bud on this site I was wondering what type of grower would name there bud that way. So I quickly decided to order a decent amount to see what this “kitchen sink” is. Let me tell you when I smoked my first bat it instantly made me feel relaxed and really in a couch lock type of stone. This is a bud to smoke at the end of the day when you finished your day at work. I would highly recommend this for anyone that deals with a lot of stress and has pains/aches… kitchen sink will have you feeling like what’s left in the kitchen sink hahaha

    Amazing bud 10/10 if you really like to be stoned

  6. Elias


  7. Aniruddha

    Very solid. I got this based on a sale and am glad I tried it out. It’s smooth (the smoke), good smell but not overwhelming, decent effect 1 hour, and I will be getting this again.

    It’s more like a 4.5 rating, but I would have given it a 5 if it had lasted longer (this of course is about the personal I felt, and your mileage may vary, … see the other comments.

    Packaging was excellent, as usual. And it looked and smelled great when it arrived.

  8. Patrick

    This stuff was amazing. First of all, it was gorgeous. Secondly, the nose, pungent and gassy. Oh, and did I mention strong? I rolled a joint for a chum who keeps his smoking on the down-low and he said he had to store it at an undisclosed location, just so ‘she’ didn’t smell it. Anyhow, the taste was super sweet and desirable. The buzz was amazingly uplifting and super enjoyable. Full recommend here. Loved this one guys.

  9. Aaron

    This is hands down one of the best strains I’ve bought here. The flavour is so nice and the smoke is very smooth. I will most assuredly be purchasing this one again! I highly recommend!

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