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LA Kush Cake Information

LA Kush Cake is a wonderful Indica-dominant hybrid with a panache for sedation and bodily relaxation. When you smoke this marijuana strain, you inhale a dose of musky gas and earthy peppermint into your lungs. The 12-18% THC concentration, which sometimes goes even higher, will hit your brain without you even noticing.

Being an Indica-dominant hybrid, LA Kush Cake has specific effects related to sedation and relaxation. Like most Indicas, this one will smoothen your mind, soothe your body, and relax you thoroughly. Your head will feel lighter as you wallow in a state of utmost bliss where nothing else matters. You might even fall asleep if you’re not careful. For this reason, insomniacs are bound to love this strain.

What does LA Kush Cake look and smell like?

LA Kush Cake smells like musky gas combined with a stench of earthiness and pepper. Due to its parentage, this strain might get a whiff of mint and skunk OG. Both of these fragrances are incredibly delicious and will determine you to take another toke, just to be sure. The smoke is smooth, pleasing, and unobtrusive, almost like a soothing pat on the back of your head.

In terms of looks, LA Kush Cake takes the proverbial cake with its well-formed, dark-green buds. There’s a bit of purple on the calyxes as well. The orange-purple hairs give it an insanely delicious texture, while the thick coat of frosty trichomes finish the job with a twist.

What are LA Kush Cake’s effects like?

This cannabis strain is extremely potent when it comes to Indica effects. The cerebral rush will hit your brain instantly, leaving you wondering what’s happening. The relaxation and state of mental tranquility are beneficial to people suffering of various medical conditions like stress, hyperactivity, anxiety, and so on.

If you just want to slow down and take things one at a time, this strain is for you. Taking a smoke will send powerful shivers down your spine, while your brain starts reacting in a slow-motion manner. You’ll think things through, talk slower, and even the tone of your voice will lower as a result. Everything becomes more bearable and more relaxed around you. Nothing seems to annoy you now.

Any online dispensary sells this strain, so you can buy it anywhere. We recommend it as a treatment for insomnia, anxiety, mild cases of depression, chronic stress or pain, and appetite loss.

18 reviews for LA Kush Cake

  1. Jace

    Some of the best looking bud I’ve ever seen! Decent size nugs with lots of purple throughout and bright orange hairs, and sticky so great for joints!
    This stuff will knock you out if you smoke a lot of it so I would definitely recommend using this in the late evening. It calms you down and takes over your mind after just a few puffs.
    I bought this as a treat for myself and it was definitely a great pick

  2. Edgar

    What a specimen!! I love the purple all throughout the flower. It looked like some intense aurora borealis bud.
    This indica is a relaxing toke, but allowed me to remain focused if I chose.
    This is one of those strains I would buy again.
    Classic Kush smell and thick resinous buds to match.
    The seasoned smoker can’t go wrong with this bad lady.

  3. Ryan

    Nice looking buds. Smell, smoke and taste are all great.

  4. Kent

    The buds were awesome in color and delicious in aroma. heavy hitter would buy again

  5. Ryan

    Great odor and a delightful stone as its a smoke and go kinda strain and the high is a lasting one. for the on the go smoker this is a must try.

  6. Chtistian

    Nice buds, they look and smell great. Will order again.

  7. Ryan

    Wow this stuff is sticky! Beautiful crystal coated nugs. Its very relaxing . It has a nice mild sweet aroma and taste and is an awesome versatile indica dominant that you can relax or have fun with

  8. Kyle

    TOP notch Bud,
    Great high 8/10 Smoke 7/10 Loud 9/10
    Will get again

  9. Dan

    The LA Kush Cake is a very smooth smoke, had some good flavour off of it aswell, Was the first bud I ordered and didn’t leave me disappointed!

  10. Raffi

    Really good quality buds! 👌

  11. Alexandre

    Nice bud,
    For the price when on sale is too good you cannot go wrong!

  12. Kevin

    this is exactly what i want from a hybrid strain, the initial euphoria that transitions into a nice relaxing feeling.

  13. Benjamin

    AAAA great stuff, a lot of sugar, compact, smell good, nice buzz I recommend quality price here

  14. Tim

    So tasty! Such a great kushy treat! These frosty little popcorn budz are very delicious and such a treat for your nose. I’ve actually never seen such fine trichomes. I use MMJ for a neurological autoimmune disease and I find this strain to help quite a bit. It’s an all-day smoke morning or evening.I cannot say enough about the strain I give it five stars for taste five stars for smell and five stars for effects.

  15. Patrick

    Let’s start with, umm, yummy. I didn’t have the highest expectations for this flower, but it blew my doors off. The buds were gorgeous in color and delicious in aroma. The cost to weight ratio was average. My girlfriend and I laid into this herb and as pick as she is, the loved this stuff. Heavyweight headbuzz and soothing body buzz. This is a total, must by. She said I should have purchased more to begin with.

  16. Stefanie

    It really made me happy and want to listen to Deva Doya and dance around my house. Would recommend for a good time.

  17. David

    I give LA Kush cake a five star rating…This herb is top-notch! I have been nursing a rotator cuff injury along with other issues which I will not mention LOL… When you smoke this herb it takes the pain away it’s just a beautiful thing… To feel like myself again! Thank you MMJ for all your help and advice in buying the right smoke for the right use… You’ve made my life much brighter thanks again David Schlaer

  18. Morgan

    I got a few grams to try and it had a very strong scent. It had a good feel to it as well not dry, the kind you really need to grind that has that sticky feeling to it. I would try again, was a good high maybe more suited for night time use.

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