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Lemon Oasis, a cross between Rare Dankness #20 and Lemon Skunk strains, is a well-balanced marijuana strain containing approximately 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. The THC levels of this weed hybrid can range from the low of 16% to the high of 26%. The taste of this cannabis bud usually offers a burst of lemon and sour citrus with fruity undertones. The aroma is similar with a twist of skunk and pungent notes.


Lemon Oasis is a great daytime strain that usually stimulates the mind and body while euphorically uplifting one’s mood. As a sense of motivation starts to settle in, you may observe an increase in your focus and creativity. Soon enough, a boost of sociability may get you joining interesting conversations or some fun social activities. As the body high takes over with a sense of relaxation, soothing aches and pains, you may start to feel mellow. At one point, you may feel drawn to the couch and you might get glued to it. It isn’t unusual for a sense of hunger to also increase at one point during the high.


Lemon Oasis For Overall Well-Being


The effects of this cannabis strain can satisfy recreational but also medical needs. The stimulating properties of this weed hybrid may clear out mental fogginess and fatigue, bringing into the game elevated levels of creativity and focus. As your mind and body are filled with uplifting and euphoric energy, you may observe your mood improve. If you also add the beneficial pain-soothing effects delivered by Lemon Oasis, you know that this cannabis bud is a well-rounded winner for an afternoon of productivity followed by relaxation and calmness.


Chronic fatigue and pain. The effects of this cannabis hybrid, in combination with its 16-26% THC levels, may help with chronic fatigue and more severe cases of physical pains. The anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing qualities of this bud may help with several physical aches, including migraines, joint pains, muscle spasms, and more.


Euphoric elevation. The cerebral high of Lemon Oasis may elevate your mental productivity by potentially increasing your focus and creativity, while also boosting your mood with happy feelings and positive energy. This stage of the high may help with anxiety, depression, and mood swings.


Sociability, Appetite, Relaxation.


As the cerebral high continues strong, you may find yourself inspired and motivated to be part of conversations with those around you. If you notice that a sense of hunger creeps in on you, you might want to head for some tasty snacks because your sense of hunger won’t likely go away on its own.


As the relaxing high continues, leading you into a state of mental and physical calmness, you may experience a couch-lock effect, especially if the dosage you consumed was high enough.

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  1. Tina

    More please. I am partial to citrus but when you tear open the bag you can really smell the lemon. Delicious weed, no matter how you use it smoke/vape. It is a strong mood elevator, puts you in a positive frame of mind. If you have anxiety (and nowadays who the hell doesn’t) this is a useful strain. I have found the mood boost effects greater if I only smoke a few puffs at a time rather than burn a fatty. I am getting more.

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