Lemon Sour Diesel (unused)

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80% Sativa dominant hybrid

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Lemon Sour Diesel (unused) Information

This cannabis strain does not count itself amongst the ordinary marijuana plants. Lemon Sour Diesel is an award-winning hybrid that found itself among the top 10 at the Emerald Cup in 2010.

It comes from a lineage of popular strains, a cross between California Sour and Lost Coast OG. This strain is also known under the name of Lemon Diesel. It is a potent Sativa dominant cannabis strain, with about 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. Its THC levels generally average between the moderate ranges of 12% and 16%.

The Aroma and Structure Profile

This cannabis strain is highly famous for its intense taste of lemon, which is of no surprise. It is one of the sweetest and fruitiest strains out there. Its enticing flavour profile is a highly enjoyable range of peppery, lemon that is rich and has an underline of sweetness to it. The aroma profile of Lemon Sour Diesel is one of skunky and sweet with highlights of pepper, lemon and tart diesel. Besides experiencing a slight aftertaste, the diesel properties of this strain are only noticeable in the aroma.

Although Lemon Sour Diesel is categorized as a hybrid, its bud structure resembles the undeniable look of a Sativa. The buds expose a beautiful colour contrast, with a paler green center on the edges with some bits of rich verdant leaf. The dark purple and gray leaves highlight the bright greens on the buds. All this is crowned by an overflow of small trichomes along the surface, that sparkle brilliantly in the sunlight. The plant is complemented by dainty little orange hairs.

The Effects and Health Benefits of Lemon Sour Diesel

Due to its heavy Sativa profile, this cannabis strain is perfect for daytime use. It is one of the favourites for medicinal users who need to be active during the day. The effects of Lemon Sour Diesel is known to be quite powerful, as users describe an immediate onset of euphoria that can take the consumer by surprise.

This cannabis strain can provide a heavy high right away from the first smoke. It generally starts out with a cerebral punch that is described to send tingles throughout the body and the skin will feel like thousands of goosebumps come alive as the body starts to relax.

The energy that surfaces as a result of the high, brings along a higher level of motivation that leaves its mark with a state of happiness and relaxation. From a medical and health beneficial approach. It has proven useful and highly impactful in a variety of different situations.

Those suffering from different mental health conditions, such as depression, chronic stress, bipolar, fatigue caused by restless sleep, have found immense help and reliable aid in the health properties of this cannabis strain. It typically can also treat mild cases of nausea, migraines, and headaches. To many, Lemon Sour Diesel has also helped with cases such as lack of appetite, erectile dysfunction and low libido. And of course, due to its body high, it is known to work wonders with body pains and aches.

Due to the powerful strength on this cannabis plant, those suffering from extreme PTSD or anxiety are cautioned to proceed with caution when using this strain, because in excess doses it bears the probability of becoming overwhelming.

To enjoy the myriad of benefits, including its marvellous aroma profile, this strain can offer, you can buy Lemon Sour Diesel online in Canada from our online weed dispensary.

17 reviews for Lemon Sour Diesel (unused)

  1. Clay

    Lemon Sour Diesel weed strain is a great painkiller. It is also often used for chronic and traumatic stress, depression, and insomnia. Friends who have tried this marijuana repeat the story of the usual suspect effects can be both euphoria and a burst of energy or total relaxation. But beware … smoking large doses will likely just make you fall asleep. Experienced users note an afternoon as the best time to consume. Depending on your body’s characteristics and the amount consumed, you may also experience negative effects: like “cotton mouth” or dry mouth, dry eyes, or less likely paranoia.

  2. Ryan

    Great for pain. a good high no complaints from this strain and the taste is great and the high is mediocre which was a bit disappointing but still a good buzz.

  3. Jad

    Ordering again forsure, loved this strain from taste to effect.. great to smoke in the day time as the buzz is not too heavy and then you can move on and do something else

  4. Kyle

    Wasn’t crazy strong but a good high for activities for sure.
    Would buy again. Mostly a head high for me with little negative side effects.

  5. Jonathan

    Very Great taste! A bit lazy as a indica use to be. I recommend it!

  6. Derek

    Phenomenal effects. An absolute must have if you enjoy the head high.

  7. Jean-Francois

    Amazing smell and great high, will definitly buy some again.

  8. Tyler

    Similar to Sour Lemon OG – bit more relaxing, very euphoric. Anything from the lemon strain is quality. The taste is great and the burn was good. Overall a quality Strain for day/evening use

  9. Kyle

    This strain hits me hard lol no complaints, its great.

  10. Catherine

    This most recent batch is so very smooth to smoke. Smells and tastes great and a lovely daytime high.

  11. David

    This is some beautiful bud and as someone who has used cannabis for 38 years I HIGHLY recommend LSD for a wonderful day time use medicine. I will be ordering more !

  12. Sandra

    Works great for migraine!

  13. Chad

    My wife had a 8mm kidney stone that wasnt budging and causing nausea and a lot of pain. For a few days she took only the prescribed meds. Then she smoked some lemon sour diesel and she had more energy, was able to eat for the first time in days without vomiting and she said she still had pain but she wasnt so tense that it made it more manageable. A+++

  14. Darryl

    Very good for day time use. Nice flavor and leaves you feeling so energized.

  15. Victor

    Finally a sativa that’s not too high in THC and doesn’t make me anxious or tired! It made me feel very talkative and giggly, as well as relaxed, focused, creative, and motivated.

    If I smoke a little more than usual I tend to feel a little out of it and I noticed my thoughts racing at times, but nothing unmanageable and not bad at all compared to other strains! Simple solution: smoke less lol.

    Overall, it’s excellent! Tried it once and it left me with a very positive impression. I think this might become one of my regular daytime strains!

  16. Catherine

    Nice for daytime use. Clear-headed high and tasty.

  17. Kaitlyn

    Very appealing taste with a great buy head high!

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