Live Resin by High Voltage

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1 Gram Of Live Resin


Live Resin by High Voltage Information

Live Resin by High Voltage is a Sativa cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. It grows beautiful dense buds that are clothed in white, crystal-capped trichomes.

It offers a fresh flavour profile. The Live Resin by High Voltage uses fresh, frozen flowers. These are collected from the grow before they get to cure and dry. It is said that it is all about the terpenes.

Based on a study carried out at the University of Mississippi, the fresh cannabis that is being used in live resin, has a considerably higher quantity of monoterpenes in comparison to the other terpenes found in the plant. Monoterpenes are known to help in the treatment of early and advanced cancer cases.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Live Resin by High Voltage

The fruity, herbal, sour citrusy and floral aroma is not the only thing Live Resin by High Voltage is abundantly rich in. It is powerful, pungent and widely rich in the health benefits it offers.

Characterized as a Sativa dominant hybrid, with the ratio of around 80% Sativa and around 20% Indica (can varry), sometimes it also gets a purely Sativa composition. It is more than ideal for daytime use. Low doses of this hybrid can make concentration and creativity highly possible for its users.

Live Resin by High Voltage is commonly used by those dealing with physical pain, cramping, muscle spasms and inflammation. It has also proven to be impressively effective for those suffering from depression, anxiety, fatigue, stress and loss of appetite.

Many of its users usually experience its greatly loved benefits, such as feeling uplifted and happy, getting in a state of euphoria. It can also provide a state of being energetic and focused, making the daily activities highly enjoyable, also increasing the levels of productivity so that the accomplishments of the tasks become easier and more efficient.

If you are looking to fill your days with energy, creativity, productivity while bathing in the refreshing feeling of euphoria and happiness, then you can buy Live Resin by High Voltage online in Canada.

12 reviews for Live Resin by High Voltage

  1. Jeremie

    Real tasty

  2. David

    Très bon produit.une excellente qualité

  3. Jeff

    Super Lemon Haze was great. Smelled just like the flower, nice quality, and good high.

  4. Matthew

    Shiskaberry was incredible! Waxy and tasty.

  5. Danica

    Tried for the first time – am absolutely in love. Far better than shatter in my experience. Will buy again

  6. James

    Nukem is very good as well

  7. James

    I just got chemdog it’s the best I’ve ever smoked. It came in nice discrete packaging and arrived in Nova Scotia fast

  8. thomas

    firts order here and all went good,,i bought 3 g’s on 420 i went with black afghan,red diesel and chemdog,,all three looks nice ,afghan good for tv night,,day i go with chem and still got to try more of red diesel,,

  9. Jonathan

    Ghost train haze tastes and smell citrus very good and nice high I reccommend.

  10. Catlin

    Ghost train haze is excellent head high with great lemony flavour

  11. Deryk

    Another awesome product! I’m currently smoking key lime pie (very tasty). Not as easy to work with as Live Rosin, as it’s very crumbly. Nonetheless, a good alternative to the Live Rosin.

  12. Alice

    I got Sour Amnesia and Super Lemon Haze Live Resin by High Voltage. Both are high quality, tasty and effective! Read the descriptions carefully, for example the individual flavour may not be great for someone with anxiety. These are a great selling point so you won’t have a bad experience.

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