Lucky Charms

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Lucky Charms Information

Lucky Charms is a cross between Appalachia and The White cannabis strains with THC averaging around 23%. This hybrid weed flower delivers an uplifting and energetic mental high that brings about feelings of happiness and an increase in creativity.


Both the aroma and flavour of Lucky Charms bring a sweet blend of tropical and tree fruit experience. The long-lasting and well-balanced high of this hybrid strain can help improve your focus and elevate your energy to keep tackling your tasks or to have an elevated mood for socializing.


The Well-Balanced Effects Of Lucky Charms


The well-balanced high of Lucky Charms enables the user to enjoy its effects during the way. The increase in creativity and focus can support finishing up tasks, coming up with new ideas, or even gaining a favorable new perspective in a situation that requires productive problem-solving.


The energetic euphoric and happy boost of this hybrid strain can elevate one’s mood to gain a new boost in motivation. But since the high is balanced, besides an energetic boost in creativity and mood, you can also experience a sense of calmness that enables your mind to better focus while clearing up tensions in your body as well.


The Sweet Taste Of Lucky Charms Cannabis Strain


When the cannabis plant is left to fully cure, its aroma and flavour profile is rich in sweet and flowery highlights. Oftentimes you can easily detect berry undertones with earth and fresh pine undernotes.


When you smoke Lucky Charms cannabis strain in a joint or a pipe, its smoke can be somewhat harsh, but even in its harshness, you’ll detect pleasant floral notes.


Lucky Charms, The Largely Flowered Strain


Lucky Charms has a distinct appearance featuring large flowers and very dense buds. The vibrant orange hairs are hard to miss among the moss-green leaves.


The potency of Lucky Charms can already be detected in the generous amount of snow-like trichomes that clothe the entire plant.

6 reviews for Lucky Charms

  1. Laska

    One of my favourite strains – enjoyed every minute

  2. Pat

    This was nice middle-of-the-road buzz. Nice for getting busy with projects, but also nice to sit an reflect

  3. Giuliano

    This has to be one of the most smoothest and amazing tasting herb on mmj. Lucky charms is everything an experience smoker would like. Nice light green buds. Covered in thc. This went beyond my expectations. MMJ you never fail. Enjoy the good smoke

  4. Sebastien

    Un de mes préférés!!!!!!
    Gout incroyable!!! 10/10
    Texture 8/10

  5. aidan

    Dense nugs, much kief. Yummy

  6. Oscar

    fruity, almost cereal like smell to the flower. When smoking it, it was smooth and sweet, which was enjoyable. has a sweet and flowery aroma, with some traces of berry. i was relaxed while still elevated and able to focus on stuff

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