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Makilla Information

Psilocybe Makarorae, commonly known as the “Makilla” magic mushroom, is a species of psychedelic fungi native to New Zealand. Makilla is known for its high potency, producing powerful hallucinations and spiritual experiences. It is a medium to large sized mushroom that has a distinctive appearance, with a golden-brown cap and a slightly curved stem.


Makilla magic mushroom is famous among mycologists and psychonauts alike for its unique properties, which are not found in many other species of magic mushrooms. Its active compounds, psilocybin and psilocin, are responsible for its powerful psychedelic effects. These compounds work by binding to the serotonin receptors in the brain, leading to an altered state of consciousness that can last for several hours.


Makilla’s Profound Psychedelic High


The effects of Makilla are usually intense and profound, with users reporting an increased sense of unity with nature, heightened senses, and an intensified connection to their own emotions and thoughts. Many people describe feeling a deep sense of inner peace and enlightenment, as well as an increased appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the world around them.


For those interested in using Makilla for spiritual purposes, it is recommended to take the mushrooms in a comfortable and safe environment, surrounded by nature or in a peaceful room. It is also advised to have a trusted friend or guide present, to ensure a safe and positive experience.


How To Consume Makilla Magic Mushroom


Makilla magic mushrooms are a powerful and unique species of psychedelic fungi, capable of producing intense and profound experiences. Makilla magic mushrooms can be consumed in several ways.


Raw: The simplest way to consume Makilla mushrooms is to eat them raw. However, it’s important to note that raw magic mushrooms can deliver an intense high.


Brewed into tea: Magic mushrooms can be brewed into a tea by boiling them in water for 15-20 minutes and then straining the liquid. Drinking the tea can provide a milder, more gradual onset of effects compared to eating the mushrooms raw.


Dried: Drying the mushrooms will preserve their potency and make them easier to consume. They can be eaten as they are, or added to food or drinks.


Capsules: Some people prefer to take magic mushrooms in capsule form. This method allows for a more accurate dose, but can take longer to take effect and may not provide the same level of intensity as other methods.

11 reviews for Makilla

  1. lionel

    the experience with these mushrooms is very strong and potent and is not to be taken lightly by beginners. the trip will bring you to places you need to go the heal what need to be. the effect was quick to come and it lasted for some hours. very interesting indeed!

  2. Alexandre

    Bon trip. ; pensez positive a racheter!

  3. Marianne

    Yass Magic! These are fantastic. Excellent and highly potent, these took me on a ride of intense music listening and home organization. Took two doses of ~3g each, a couple of hours apart. Felt refreshed, energetic, and focused. That is a rare thing for me (I live with multiple chronic illnesses), and I experienced great pain relief after a week of solid fibro and arthritis flares. Definitely ordering these again!

  4. Graham

    I want to start off with a bit of a warning. 😂
    I would consider myself a very experienced user and take up to 6 grams of Penis Envy, Albino Penis Envy and Melmac when I take therapeutic doses. I took 4.5 grams of these and put my ear buds in with the John Hopkins Psilocybin Playlist, like I always do, and the ride began in 20 minutes. I always start my trip with my eyes closed until I hit a certain song about a half hour in. The closed eye visuals were OUTSTANDING and some of the best I’ve seen. 🤩
    When I was ready to open my eyes I was treated with the most incredible display of hallucinations and colors I’ve ever had on mushrooms. The only time I’ve come close to what I was seeing was on acid trips, which I’ll never do again. Don’t do acid, kids. I had to hold onto the couch because I felt like I was going to float away, pretty soon I was hugging myself not quite knowing what was going on for some time.
    About an hour and a half in I was questioning whether I took too much, it was that intense. 😂
    But I had one of the greatest spiritual experiences ever and I know that trip is going to benefit me for a while. A lot of good came from it and I appreciate MMJ for helping me find myself by making these available.
    The taste of these are very strong and I’m not gonna lie, I almost puked a few times while ingesting these. 🤦🏽‍♂️ My stomach hurt for a little while in the middle and near the end, like always, I got super gassy. 💨
    I think next time I’ll try these in combination with Melmac because they are very similar in what they do.
    Give these a try, folks. But be careful and have a trip sitter close by.
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 10 stars 😉

  5. ADAM

    These are a pretty decent zoomer, have been eating these things for going on 35 years now and i must say for a good alarounder these are right there. Depending on the event, campfire 4 g’s is good, chillin with the brats at a movie you need help getting threw 1g is perfect, 1/2 g on deck after someone fucks you over at the office, over coffee/strong drink, with my beautiful wife. Yes, yes, yes! Visuals are good, nice and easy coming in, and nice and easy coming down. Which is really good for those who have had alot of experience as you well know, alot easier to read when you add on substances if you will [grass, booze, coffee, ?] to ensure a person isn’t all fried out when things come to an end. In closing, High potency, great predictability, good visual effect, and just the size of the fungi it self makes it easy just to grab a 1/2 or 4 at a glance without having to break stuff apart and make a mess.

    Thanks guy’s

  6. Chris

    I am a big boy, 6’1″ 280lbs so I like to try stronger mushroom strains and these did not disappoint. I get to eat less while getting a nice trip, 2g was enough, so an ounce will go a long way; whereas with golden teachers I would need around 5g for an equal ride.

  7. sean

    I took about 2.5 g right out of the gate (6Ft 230) really great effect, lots of visuals. I was totally grooving. Quite a bit more potent than penis envy and golden teachers in my opinion.

    Buying again as we speak.

  8. Damon

    It was great did 3.5 they were stronger than expected. They made me a little tired but that’s pretty standard for me. At the peak I was lucky to string a whole thought together, when I started to get myself together I couldn’t stop thinking and analyzing the show rock and morty I was watching

  9. Yves

    Great effect with ninimal intake really suprised by the effect with just à small branch will buy again !! Really focuses and smooth

  10. Lucas

    just came in today can’t wait to try them they look amazing!

  11. brendan

    These are some pretty mushrooms and have a fair amount of blue bruising which shows its potency.

    I ate 1 gram every 15 minutes, totaling 4 grams in a hour. I would chew each gram for about 2 minutes with a bit of granola.

    By the time I ate the 2nd gram, I could feel the effects starting in my checks and gums.

    Relaxation quickly swept across my body by the 3rd gram and the euphoria started to kick in by the 4th.

    The speed at which the Makilla kick in was impressive but not overwhelming, manageable waves.

    I spent the next hour listening to instrumental drum and bass with my eyes closed.

    The visuals quickly accumulated into a vivid, daydream like state where I found deep peace and contentment.

    At first the visuals where heavily influenced by the music, but soon the visuals overshadowed the music and I was happily somewhere else entirely.

    The high was more or less over at the 4 hour mark, so Makilla is a fast acting mushroom with above average potency. Similar in kick to Albino penis envy.

    Very little if any upset stomach, only occasional short lived moments of nausea but that is a normal response to eating 4 grams of a fairly potent mushroom.

    I will definitely order Makilla again.

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