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  1. Yves

    Great effect with ninimal intake really suprised by the effect with just à small branch will buy again !! Really focuses and smooth

  2. Lucas

    just came in today can’t wait to try them they look amazing!

  3. brendan

    These are some pretty mushrooms and have a fair amount of blue bruising which shows its potency.

    I ate 1 gram every 15 minutes, totaling 4 grams in a hour. I would chew each gram for about 2 minutes with a bit of granola.

    By the time I ate the 2nd gram, I could feel the effects starting in my checks and gums.

    Relaxation quickly swept across my body by the 3rd gram and the euphoria started to kick in by the 4th.

    The speed at which the Makilla kick in was impressive but not overwhelming, manageable waves.

    I spent the next hour listening to instrumental drum and bass with my eyes closed.

    The visuals quickly accumulated into a vivid, daydream like state where I found deep peace and contentment.

    At first the visuals where heavily influenced by the music, but soon the visuals overshadowed the music and I was happily somewhere else entirely.

    The high was more or less over at the 4 hour mark, so Makilla is a fast acting mushroom with above average potency. Similar in kick to Albino penis envy.

    Very little if any upset stomach, only occasional short lived moments of nausea but that is a normal response to eating 4 grams of a fairly potent mushroom.

    I will definitely order Makilla again.

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