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Mimosa Information

Mimosa is the perfect accompanist to your brunch. And as any brunch enthusiast will tell you, there’s one thing that every mimosa requires: potency. That’s a promise that this strain delivers on, regularly clocking in at 20 percent THC or more.

Mimosa is a sativa-dominant hybrid produced when Symbiotic Genetics crossed Clementine with Purple Punch. Its flavour profile combines relatively simple tastes like citrus and herbs with complex notes like fruit punch and lemon zest.

It toes the line as a nearly true sativa, although its hybrid genetics help to temper the euphoric and cranial high with an infusion of indica traits. The end result is a great strain for morning and afternoon use, although the energy it produces may make it an impractical nighttime strain for some smokers.

Uses and Effects

Mimosa exhibits typical sativa traits in spades. It features a stimulating high that’s great at enhancing mood and increasing sociability. It also may spark creativity, which makes it popular among musicians and artists. Its cranial cannabinoid profile also makes it great for engaging in lively discussions with friends.

In addition, Mimosa’s high THC content means that it’s possible traits are particularly potent. It only takes a few puffs before it’ll make its presence known to a smoker.

Mimosa may also have some beneficial health properties. Its active ingredient, THC, has shown promise for its possible benefits in some studies. THC may be able to reduce swelling, eliminate chronic pain, and increase appetite. As a result, may be able to help smokers combat an array of issues like glaucoma, insomnia, and muscle pain.

Aroma and Appearance

The most striking part of Mimosa is easily its aroma. While many citrus-centric cannabis strains focus on the sour, stinging scent common to lemons, Mimosas provide a sweeter terpene profile. The complex flavour of sweet citrus, similar to clementine oranges, bursts onto the tongue as soon as this strain is sparked, complimenting the smooth smoke this strain produces.

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27 reviews for Mimosa

  1. Murray

    I always love to try different sativa strains and it was my first time smoking Mimosa. I’m definitely pleased with this strain, it’s a gives a great head high and I knew by the smell when I opened the bag that it was going to be good one. This one gets a checkmark on my list of awesome sativa strains that I’ll look for again on MMJ

  2. Sinan

    Mimosa is a cannabis strain that offers a gourmet experience to tantalize your senses. Its aroma of sweet citrus and complex flavors, reminiscent of clementine oranges, create a culinary masterpiece.

    This sativa-dominant hybrid delivers an uplifting high, enhancing mood, sparking creativity, and inspiring lively discussions. With its potent THC content, a few puffs are enough to feel its presence.

    Mimosa also holds potential health benefits, helping me with reducing inflammation, relieving chronic pain, and increasing appetite. Indulge in the gourmet delight of Mimosa for a sophisticated and elevated cannabis experience!

  3. Anna

    I liked Mimosa. Would definitely buy this one again. A decent strain for anytime of day. The taste was good.

  4. Clay

    I LOVE THIS STRAIN – Always gives me a positive boost in mood, energy and creativeness. Just a heads up for moderate marijuana consumers, it is best to go slow with this one, because the Mimosa strain THC level can vary from 17% to 30% depending on who grows it and how it’s grown. Bred from Clementine and Purple Punch with the following attributes EFFECTS; Gradual (AKA creeper) with a burst of lasting energy, FRAGRANCE; A delicious citrus like aroma, FLAVORS; Citrus tropical flavor, ADVERSE REACTIONS; Cottonmouth, MEDICAL BENEFITS; Mood and stress relief. ~ Remember the name cause your gonna want to buy it again! 🙂 PS – I’d give it SIX STARS if it were possible! <3 <3 <3

  5. Kathe Krystal

    Didn’t absolutely hands down my favorite weed ever. I like something to help get me going in the mornings cuz I suffer from extreme fatigue and this is my go-to. I’m like literally obsessed with it. So if you’re looking for something to help you get going and not get the munchies this is for you.

  6. Colborn

    Puff on this mimosa in the morning like you would drink the drink in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day, energized but yet buzzed.

  7. Katrice

    For me this is a perfect get up and go strain. I only need a couple of tokes and I’m good to go. Whether hitting the gym, hiking in the woods or..UGH…cleaning the house, this gets me going and keeps me focused. Unlike other strains I find that there is no thud when you come down, more just a gentle easing out of that elevated high.

  8. Jennifer

    So fresh and tasty! A great day time smoke to get whatever you have to do done. Not too heady, sometimes sativas give me a headache but not with this strain. Love the taste of this one, higher price point is worth it and would order again!

  9. Tim

    Great price point. Loved the taste and the High was really nice too. Uplifting and pure. Would recommend for sure

  10. Jeff

    Love this strain! Tastes great and hits quickly but gently with a great lingering body buzz. Two thumbs way up!

  11. celine

    Excellent goût..Pou les amateurs de Kush, vous serez pas déçu. Rachète sans hésiter.

  12. ziviot75

    Good, Sweet, piney taste. Smells incredible and tastes good aswell.
    Sweetest strain ive ever tried i loved it.
    Smoked 2 bowls and was very high for about 2.5 hours.
    Highly recommend buying if you love sweet strains.
    Will be purchasing again, most likely more next time.
    overall 10/10

  13. Julien

    Excellent smoke, can smoke it throughout the day and remain mildly energetic, not too couch-locking. Gets very cloudy in a vaporizer!
    Tasty citrus flavours overall, slightly dank. Would definitely buy again!

  14. Justinian

    There is a time and a place for a Mimosa. Usually after work, in the vape, mixed with some kief and with something on the tube. Have ordered a few times, never unsatisfied, the price point makes this work especially well considering what else is out there.

  15. Jhonatan

    best choice ,purple and green good sugar kief , good buzz

  16. Steven

    Perfect way to start the day, taste’s and smells like a fresh glass of Orange juice and pack an energizing punch that makes you wamt to build a treefort. Bring this one with ya any time you plan on going on an adventure, or need to get things done. The nugs are just as beaitiful as they smell with purples and green buds contrasted with beautiful orange pistils

  17. Spencer

    Oh man, I loved this weed. Mimosa is the perfect name for it, it’s that kinda buzz. It’s not the lightest sativa out there, overdoing it will drag you, but it’s great in the right dose during the day. My favourite time to smoke it was after work, loosens you up, relaxes you, helps the creative juices flow, and it doesn’t knock you on your ass. Nice and uplifting, I recommend it.

  18. Chance

    Appearance- Dark green buds with lots of frost, Lots of purple and different green colours.

    Smell- Amazing citrus with woodsy and earthy tones.

    Smoke- Smooth.

    Taste- Sour, sweet and earthy.

    Buzz/Effects- Energetic, Clear headed and focused.

    This strain is one of My favourite strains! The buzz, smell, taste, and colours in thos flower are amazing.

    Mimosa helps me stay focused and also calm, great strain for watching a movie or playing video games.

  19. Leza

    Just; absolutely lovely. Very much a flower that goes/does where you want to be 10/10

  20. Lisa

    Such a great daytime buzz. I love this smell of this strain. Definitely recommend 😊

  21. Benjamin

    parfait pour fummer le matin et le jour

  22. Tina

    The first time I used this strain it was in my arizer vape. SMOOOOOOTH, and to my surprise the same tasty smoothness was felt when I smoked it as well (this is rare). Hands down one of the tastiest and most effective sativas I have purchased here…and I am getting more right now!

  23. Rachel

    I really liked this strain. I would give it 4/5/ I like to feel energetic with sativas and this hit the spot. I felt like I wanted to go outside and go for a run long walk. Also was able to do some cleaning. It was perfect for that paying attention mind set to detail. It was not to strong and felt really good . Also gave me the giggles. it was easy to be outside and be active.

  24. Maude

    I love it so much that I have to actually preserve it. It’s nice when strains taste like what the strain it claims to be, and mimosa couldn’t taste any better than what it’s described, and the high is unreal. It’s covered in terpenes, you can see the purple from the purple punch of its lineage, and it couldn’t taste anymore like the actual clementine of it’s parentage too. It’s legit like tasting mimosa, a nice clementine punch. And the smell is exactly what it’s described and claimed to be. I can’t say enough about it except see for yourselfA lot of focus, and a happy, uplifting feeling it brought me. Let it do the same for you, and enjoy this one. I can see now why it’s hitting the market as a favorite to go strain for real.

    Taste: 9,2/10
    Look: 8,7/10

  25. Victor

    This is some DANK KUSH! 😱😱🤧😮‍💨🥵Dude… this is literally the only strain ever that’s actually caused me to hallucinate. 🫥🌀🐇 Don’t drive or do anything potentially risky if you’re consuming this!! 🚫🚘 This stuff is really intense, and also quite harsh on the throat.😮‍💨 Nonetheless one of my top fav sativa out there. 😍
    I hallucinated once for a few mins after the first time I bought this a few years ago, so excited to see it back! It wasn’t a scary experience or anything, and it didn’t happen more than once. I feel warm, tingly and euphoric after smoking this! 🥰 It makes me want to talk and socialize, makes me feel creative and calm. So good! So juicy! 🍁🍊🍹😍Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Mimosa..✨🤤🤤🫠🫠✨

  26. Bilaal

    I loved this stuff. First wanted it because I heard it in a rap song, “I don’t drink no liquor, but I’m smoking on mimosa.” So, naturally, I tried it.

    great sativa head high. Loved it midday when I wasn’t working and just wanted to get random stuff done. 10/10 would reccomend to a friend.

    i’m a beginner smoker with expensive taste, so keep that in mind with my review. I like this stuff a lot, so much so that I’ll only buy by the oz.

    tastes great too. nice smoke. I finished it faster than my E’85 and Cochino from the same order LOL.

  27. Darryl

    Really awesome Cannabis!
    It looks, smell and tastes great and this medicine gets my creative juices flowing.

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