Miracle Alien Cookies

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Miracle Alien Cookies Information

Miracle Alien Cookies carries notes of gravy, garlic, and zest and it was created by crossing Alien Cookies with Miracle 15. Also known as M.A.C., this bud has approximately an equal ratio of Indica to Sativa making it into a strain fitted for daytime use for well-rounded relaxing and stimulating effects. Its taste carries an interesting twist of spicy lemon and sweet vanilla.


The average THC levels of Miracle Alien Cookies can be found at around 22-24%. Some batches of this bud can reach much higher levels of just over 30% THC causing its mood-boosting and focused cerebral properties to be highly potent. This strain may help those with attention deficit disorders gain focus and mental sharpness to complete tasks easier and with higher productivity levels.


Stimulating Effects


Miracle Alien Cookies can deliver a harmonious cannabis experience of physical relaxation combined with enhanced cerebral activity. With the well-rounded high of this bud, you could either opt for outdoor fun activities or a laid-back time in front of the screen.


You could potentially experience a mix of euphoria, calmness, focus, and stimulating mental and physical relaxation. Because of its high THC levels, this strain is recommended for experienced users only.


Attention Deficit Disorders. Miracle Alien Cookies may be a helpful strain for those struggling with retaining attention on a single task due to its cerebral high that is known to increase focus, boost creativity, and stimulate mental productivity.


Pain Relief. This marijuana hybrid carries anti-inflammatory and pain-soothing effects which can potentially decrease symptoms of headaches, muscle spasms, and other physical pains.


Bipolar Disorder. Miracle Alien Cookies is known to have helped individuals suffering from this condition thanks to its mood-boosting and calmingly relaxing properties.


Depression and Anxiety. Thanks to its potent cerebral and emotionally stimulating high, this cannabis bud may alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress.


Appetite Loss. Users of this marijuana flower have reported appetite-boosting effects.


Aroma And Taste


Miracle Alien Cookies produces minty green buds that are medium and dense. Frosty sticky resin-rich trichomes cover the olive green leaves that feature orange hairs among them. The buds of this strain usually carry a pungent earthy scent accented by citrus, diesel, and herbal overtones.


Within its fragrance, a mix of pine, lemon, and wood can also be noticed. Its taste can be pungent with a fun twist of sweet vanilla and lemon notes. With some phenotypes, you may detect notes of sweet diesel and lime with mild chemical undertones.

8 reviews for Miracle Alien Cookies

  1. Braedan

    this weed made me feel like an alien preforming miracles. Like seriously, why would you not buy a weed with such an awesome name. Thats why I bought it at least. I smoked this after a long stressful day and it was exactly what I needed.

    This strain helps to relax you, but also it mends your enthusiasm. There are so many fun things I wanna do after work, but I just don’t have the energy, and I’m too stressed. This miracle working distresses, and gives you that extra little power you need in order to go do stuff and have fun. Perfect for smoking after work, and before doing some awesome activity that you enjoy.

  2. Chtistian

    Good bud for the price. Definitely recommend.

  3. Jeremy

    This MAC strain has an interesting taste, and the purple crystals are cool to look at. Beyond that though, you will a powerful and balanced hybrid strain. Confirmed mood booster and attention booster so you really can’t go wrong. Recommended.

  4. John David

    This is one of my favourite Hybrids, it’s a perfect cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Alien Cookies – The flower is absolutely a thing of beauty. I always like to bust this one out in social situations because the reactions are always grins ear to ear – this flower is alot to take in with the most vibrant greens, purps and blues. The aroma is sharp and fruity with a strong uplifting effect that lasts with very little come down. Highly recommend taking this one for a whirl.

  5. Maude

    If you are wondering to smoke this shit or not.. SMOKE IT ✌🌻 no doubt I LOVE this strain!! I love it so much, I am leaving a fricken review. Alright, let’s get down to the deets y’all: Look: Very fluffy, and also very green. With hints of orange and little tiny hints of purple if you are at the right angle. It is a little sticky but not so much that it isn’t easy to break up. Smell: The scent is very strong. I had it in my pocket on my commute home but had to transfer it to my inner pocket in my backpack because the stench was unbelievably strong, distinct Sweet , Gassy, and Dough like smell that tickles ur nose and fill any room up with quality Dankness. The effects are quick, Upbeat, Cerebral, Without heavy Paranoia , Munchies are guaranteed so are giggles and Smiles.

    Effect: 8/10
    Look: 8/10
    Taste: 8,2/10

  6. Nina

    Great buds and such a good high. Highly recommend, this is the second time I order it

  7. Tina

    A pleasant surprise and now a repeat strain. This weed is very very smooth either to smoke or to vape and gives a real feeling of calm and well being. It also really kicked the munchies into high gear so now I know! Really solid dense buds and very fragrant, even better in the Solo than to burn.

  8. Ricky

    What a great strain. It helped with every issue I have. This was perfect for right after work were all your pain from lifting and moving your body to the max. After 1 smoke you thought that you were just starting your work day not ending it

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