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Moonrockets by Pegasus Information

Do you know of any good pre-rolls that won’t make you choke with a rough smoke? Well, the Pegasus Moonrockets are one of these legendary pre-rolls that send you soaring through the skies of a good cannabis experience. They come in different flavours depending on the particular strain you choose. These are premium-grade pre-rolls made from top-notch strains whose deliciousness isn’t up for debate.

When you try out the Pegasus Moonrockets, you’re choosing to satisfy your finer tastes. There are regular pre-rolls for any cannabis enthusiasts, and then there are elitist pre-rolls for those of you with more complex preferences. These Moonrockets are part of the second category. Their smooth smoke and crystal-clear flavour are the opening act to the intense psychotropic effects that’ll rattle your mind and body!

What effects to the Pegasus Moonrockets have?

The Moonrockets may or may not send incredibly potent rushes of euphoria to your head. This state will dispel all your negative thoughts and halt the onset of depression or anxiety. You’ll no longer be plagued by dark thoughts or bouts of anxiety when things are finally getting better for you. The Pegasus Moonrockets will alleviate your symptoms to a manageable level.

From euphoria comes relaxation in a fluid motion that’ll bring your body on the peak of tranquility in a few minutes. This isn’t a true couch-lock sedation state but rather a state of matchless relaxation and focus. Any chronic pains, joint stiffness and muscle soreness vanish as soon as you take the first few smokes. Everything becomes blurry as your mind drifts between euphoria and relaxation.

What should you know before trying out the Moonrockets?

These pre-rolls are especially beneficial if you suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, appetite loss, and even PTSD. Smoke one of these pre-rolls after you get home exhausted, and you’ll see yourself falling into a state of rejuvenating relaxation. Your body and mind will feel refreshed and your vitality will soar upwards after giving the Pegasus Moonrockets a shot!

5 reviews for Moonrockets by Pegasus

  1. Jonathan

    First time I tried this it was the most relaxing high I’ve ever felt. Literally felt like I was floating in the clouds. It kicks in fast, within 15 minutes after starting. The downside is is lasts like a regular joint. After 2 hours it completely wears off. The second time I tried one the effects were not as good. It didn’t feel much different from a regular joint.

    Once in a while I would buy again, but because of the price it’s not something I’d buy on a regular basis.

  2. Tina

    Nothing succeeds like excess! If you want a powerful product that you can take several puffs off of and then set it down, this is it! There are a lot of flavours going on here, all of them smooth. And strong! Do not expect to get anything done….for a while. In fact make it part of a staycation. I have never been able to smoke two and that is saying something right there. Not for everyday perhaps, but yes, try a couple for a special occasion.

  3. Morgan

    This is the first time I ordered a moonrock pre-roll, I liked it . It had a good taste and it was smooth for it being a moonrock wasn’t too harsh on the throat. Size is just a lil bigger then your average pre-roll. Can see the oil soaked through the paper is places, would buy again.

  4. Patrick

    I sort of just purchased one of these joints by chance. It was Strawnana. I showed up in a nice hard plastic cone. Inside was a nicely rolled joint. At first,I was excited and so was my girlfriend. We took it outside. I opened it up and right away my mouth began to water from the strong aroma. Now, I was expecting a sweet aroma, but that wasn’t the case, it was a pungent odor,almost skunky even. I lit it up and the two of us smoked this wonderful product together. The buzz was immaculate. It was a quality product with a quality taste and a superb buzz. I don’t generally allow someone else to roll my joints, but in this case, I was eased and I do recommend. Peace.

  5. Corey

    Absolutely fantastic product. Will definitely pick up a few more soon

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