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Moroccan Pressed Hash – Ketama Gold Information

Morocco has been a metaphorical mecca for marijuana users for centuries. Morocco first began producing hash in the middle ages, and continues this proud tradition into the present day. The area is known as a regional centre for hash and extracts, and regularly attracts tourists from around the world. This Ketama Gold Moroccan Pressed Hash is produced using the same techniques that made it famous, deriving its name from the small town of Ketama near the country’s Mediterranean coast. The region is well-known as possessing some of the best hash in Morocco, setting it apart from the vast majority of weed cultivated worldwide.

What Does Moroccan Pressed Hash – Ketama Gold Look and Smell Like?

Moroccan Pressed Hash, like this Ketama Gold, is made from layers of kief pressed together. Hashmakers gather kief, the powdery, resinous crystals that cover cannabis flowers, and squish it together under immense pressure. The end result is a unique type of hash that’s hard and brittle, unlike the gummy, truffle-like consistency of many other forms of extract. That makes it easy to chisel off pieces of Pressed Hash and add it to bowls, bongs, or joints.

Ketama Gold Moroccan Pressed Hash features a soft, smooth taste that won’t leave a user coughing for minutes like many other types of hash. It’s made without any solvents, making it significantly cleaner than concentrates like BHO.

Uses and Effects for Moroccan Pressed Hash – Ketama Gold

Ketama Gold Moroccan Pressed Hash has a subtle sativa-like high, accentuating the uplifting and euphoric effects of cannabis. Its great for a morning or daytime smoke, and unlike many sativas, it’s good to smoke at night as well, thanks to the overall relaxing vibes of hash. Newer smokers may become overwhelmed with Ketama gold’s potency, but they can overcome this by reducing the total amount they smoke.

Aside from its high, Ketama Gold Moroccan Pressed Hash may be able to help medical patients treat the health problems they face. Some reports indicate that cannabis may be able to alleviate a variety of symptoms, ranging from poor appetite to chronic pain. As a result, Ketama Gold Moroccan Pressed Hash may be able to alleviate issues like glaucoma, arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, and more.


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