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80% Indica dominant hybrid strain

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Nuken Information

The Nuken cannabis strain stays true to its name, delivering a strong buzz similar to a nuke. This is an 80% Indica-dominant hybrid with typical THC concentrations around 18-22%. The trichome-rich appearance with orange hairs and dark-olive leaves relies on the Nuken’s famous ancestry – the God Bud X Kush strains. The leaves are broader, the plant shorter in stature, and the flowering cycle much shorter than your average hybrid. Keep in mind that this plant is very rich in crystal trichomes which make it hard to be ground!

Sweet marshmallow taste & skunk aroma

Few things can compare to the sheer sweetness and marshmallow flavour of the Nuken strain. Your taste buds will crave for more after taking the first smoke of this beauty. There’s a slight touch of skunk upon exhaling as well, which makes it all the more attractive. Feel the sweetness possess your taste buds and the skunk invade your nostrils!

Helps with pain, stress, and anxiety

The Nuken strain has strong medical benefits, mainly related to its ability to reduce chronic pain levels. Many users have reported feeling relief from their pains after consuming the Nuken marijuana strain. After all, the buzz will spread throughout your body slowly. Nuken strain also has anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects, both of them coming under the same guise. This Nuken review would be incomplete if we didn’t mention how many consumers showed remarkable progress in combating anxiety during key moments.

The cerebral buzz will ease your mind a lot, putting you into an introspective trance that may help increase your ability to focus. In fact, you might become a bit doozy and space out from time to time. Don’t worry though – it won’t affect your overall performance. In fact, you might find some new ideas or get answers to problematic issues during these trances. A good Nuken strain relaxes you thoroughly, putting you in a perfect state of soothing comfort!

30 reviews for Nuken

  1. Alex

    Classic strain!! Name says it all lol. Great flavour, really good smooth burn. Definitely checks the indica boxes. Will definitely buy again.

  2. Darren

    Fantastic product. I suffer from fibromyalgia and thus helps take away the pain and gives me the energy to get things accomplished. I highly recommend this strain.

  3. Tony

    Pretty good indica. Nice for those lazy evenings on the couch.

  4. Alana

    Nuken is one of my favourite tried and true strains. If you are looking for something that can reliably relax you, this strain is perfect.

  5. Giuseppe

    Great smell and flavour. Good overall high. Good for daily use.

  6. Sam

    One of my favourite indica strains, great high and always has me in a euphoric state! Great sleep as well.

  7. Tyler

    Puts my girlfriend to sleep after like three bowls and she has trouble falling asleep to begin with – she loves it

  8. Samuel

    Good stuff

  9. Melannie

    I love Nuken! It’s my go too for the morning, for nausea or an upset stomach. I always have this awesome strain on head as an every day, easy going Indica. It has a lovely taste as well. Highly recommend.

  10. Hillary

    I was very pleasantly surprised by this, I’ve smoked nuken before and this smells exactly how you want your nuken to smell. I’m a regular cannabis user and I was really feeling the effects of this bud, the high kind of creeps up on you which I think is nice when you’re used to strains that lose the buzz after the first little while.

  11. Gregorhy

    To quote the timeless ‘Mr Grinch’, “The three words that best describe you
    Are as follows and I quote, “Stink, stank, stunk” nuken has a unique taste. Loving this currently.

  12. Jamelie

    Have had troubles sleeping and this weed brings my mind and body into a damn good sleep

  13. Alex

    Pretty decent weed , got me right sleepy for sure . Definitely one of the best nukens I’ve ever tried. Would buy again!

  14. Matthew

    Duke Nuken this bud is so good covered in trichomes

  15. Mehki

    Classic heavy body buzz

  16. Jennifer

    Amazing, taste is out of this world…by far my favorite

  17. Brittany

    I’ve repurchased a few times and will again. It’s a good high.

  18. Rachel

    Caked and burns clean. Would purchase again

  19. Tyler

    Good taste and good high. Not to strong that it knocks you out. Would buy again

  20. Steven

    Great to pair with an evening of video games! Keeps hitting even after you’ve been smoking all day. Great tasting, long lasting. A strain I continually come back to for its potency and engaging effects.

  21. Serge

    I got nuked with this stuff. I’m getting more

  22. Tyler

    Fresh bud and always great quality. It has the distinct Nuken scent so you know it’s the real thing. Not an overbearing high but a good balance of euphoria

  23. Jeff

    Excellent quality. Smells very strong, burns clean, good high.

  24. Bradley

    Very strong taste, lasting gentle high. A classic strain, worth a try.

  25. Karl

    Very smooth taste in my vaporizer and give me a nice relaxing evening then a good sleep

  26. Melanie

    Strong and hits the spot. Smells fantastic too!

  27. Lori

    The bud is tight and full of Chrystal. the buzz leaves you with a steady smile, a nice relaxing high.

  28. Darryl

    Wicked stuff on every level.

  29. Jeremy

    taste awesome and smells amazing and has lots of crystal

  30. Anonymous

    Seriously coated in crystal, it’s crazy strong.

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