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OG Kush Breath Information

OG Kush Breath, also known as OGKB, is one of the rarest Indica-dominant strains in the world. It’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies, NorCal Sativa Durban, and Florida Kush, making this a wonderful three-side-split hybrid. It has a 70% Indica inheritance, and a THC level of 15-18%. Sometimes, it may reach THC concentrations beyond 20%, making it particularly powerful for medical applications.

Speaking of medical applications, OG Kush Breath is perfect for chronic pains, aches, insomnia, muscle spasms, and stress. Most medical patients who use OG Kush Breath report feeling incredibly well, healthier, and more optimistic than ever. While this strain is quite good when it comes to psychoactive effects, it truly shines in its medical applications. The herbal nutty and vanilla flavours are mere extras compared to that!

What does OG Kush Breath look and taste like?


Will the minty-green nugs impress you or will the sparse amber-coloured hairs take your breath away? If none of these manage to impress you, then the sandy surface of crystal trichomes surely will! This strain is rich in resin and trichomes, something you can see clearly from all the crystals spread around the plant. In some instances, OG Kush Breath may even appear cactus-like, from all the shiny-white crystals covering the stalk of the plant.

Flavour-wise, this strain takes most of its olfactive and taste punch from its parents, Girl Scout Cookies, Florida Kush, and NorCal Sativa Durban. At first, you’ll feel a surge of herbal nuttiness covered in a shade of spicy vanilla. As you smoke the strain further, you’ll realize that the herbal and spicy earthiness becomes pungent. This olfactive and tasty experience will leave you hazy, blissful, and euphoric. In the end, this turns into a heavy state of relaxation and sedation that tranquilizes you for the time being.

How will OG Kush Breath affect you?


This strain is a splendid representative of Indica sedation and relaxation. It’s not a surprise OG Kush Breath is so rare in the world today. The initial mood boosting effects will hit you just as soon as you take the first smoke. As your mind descends further into bliss and euphoria, the hazy sedation starts kicking in. Soon, it’ll spread throughout your body and give you a taste of true relaxation. When it comes to comfort and tranquility, OG Kush Breath is in the very top!

As an Indica-dominant hybrid, OG Kush Breath offer clear-cut therapeutic benefits. With a THC concentration of 15-18%, the effects will be quite potent. If you suffer from chronic pains, crams, or muscular aches, then one or two smokes of this strain should help you alleviate the pains. Similarly, a couple of puffs from OG Kush Breath will manage your insomnia symptoms, giving you a period of refreshing sleep.


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