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Orange Push Pop, even though technically it is considered an Indica strain, it does provide more of an uplifting and energising effect making it a great fit for daytime use. Both the aroma and flavour profile of this flower is rich in highlights of orange, providing an exotic and energising feel when consuming it.


The THC levels contained by Orange Push Pop usually average around 22-23%, making its effects potent and well-enjoyed. The energising cerebral high of this marijuana plant is known to provide clarity of mind, and it can increase creativity, boosting positive vibes.


A Great Mood for a Great Day


Most of us experienced first-hand what it is like when depression, anxiety, and stress cut in front of us taking the lead of our day and staining our mood with cloudiness and fuzziness. This can be especially frustrating when it is key to progress with productivity at work, or it can be highly discouraging when a fun-filled adventure with friends doesn’t feel as fun anymore as our mood swings from an uplifted and positive one into one that drags us down.


Orange Push Pop can literally push your energy and feelings of happiness way up making way for a mood that jumps headfirst into fun, laughter, and an overall great experience.


A Treat for the Body As Well


When you consume Orange Push Pop, it is not only your mind and mood that will get a positive boost but your body as well. Even though this strain doesn’t carry sedative effects that would leave you locked to your couch, it does offer enough relief from pains and aches to enable you to remain active.


With the right dosage, Orange Push Pop can help alleviate symptoms of headaches, muscle cramps, the tension in the body making way for an enjoyable and comforting relaxation that can make you feel lighter and brighter.


This strain is considered to be ideal for newcomers. But, if you are new to consuming and smoking cannabis, and even though Orange Push Pop is an amazing strain, we do recommend following the golden rule of cannabis, which is starting small and going slow until you discover the right dosage that best fits your needs and matches your tolerance level (which is not the same for everyone). Never base how much you should consume based on how much someone else is. When you do it well for yourself, you get to experience the best of effects.

1 review for Orange Push Pop

  1. Brandon

    Was not a fan of this one, no sweetness or fragrance resembling orange or any kind of pop. It still has potency offering a clear burst of energy and is a clean burn but the name is misleading to say the least.

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