Pine Tar Kush

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Pine Tar Kush Information

Pine Tar is an Indica cannabis strain that usually offers a pleasant smoking experience because of its complex combination of skunk, citrus, and pine flavour with a touch of sweetness to it. Its THC levels generally reach as high as 22%, but this may vary depending on the phenotype. This cannabis strain is mainly used for its sedative effects that can ease the aches and pains in your body.


Pine Tar, also referred to as Pine Tar Kush, originates from a family of pure Indica genetics. This strain may be ideal for both novice and experienced users. Because of its pure Indica content, the initial high delivered by this strain can bring you the experience of elevation followed by a deeply relaxing and sedative physical high.


Best Effects


Pine Tar might offer you an evening of relaxation mixed with some giggles and positive feels. There are quite a few benefits for which this strain is widely used. Let’s explore some of its most common uses and effects.


Nausea. This cannabis strain may reduce the symptoms of nausea making room for a better appetite. You can potentially feel enough hunger that will push you to make your way to your snacks.


Alleviating Pain. Pine Tar carries sedative properties which can act as a remedy when pain and physical aches cause discomfort and struggles. You might find this strain helpful if you are suffering from a range of pains, including headaches, muscle cramps, arthritis, and others.


Depression. Besides having the ability to address the pain in the body, this marijuana bud may know how to effectively alleviate symptoms of stress and depression thanks to its initial uplifting cerebral high.


Insomnia. Many users have happily shared about this strain’s help when it came to their struggles with sleeping caused by insomnia. You might want to stay close to your pillow and warm blanket when smoking Pine Tar.


The Golden Look


This historic strain showcases small and round buds that are generously covered in sticky resin and golden trichomes. Pine Tar generally offers a pleasant pine aroma and flavour complemented by notes of citrus and skunk.


Even though Pine Tar can be consumed by newer marijuana users, this does not mean that you can dive into it. Start with a small dose until you find the right amount to consume to make the most of your experience with this strain.

15 reviews for Pine Tar Kush

  1. Paul

    I love this Kush! It has a consistent strong high for me that doesn’t couch lock me. It also has a strong taste, which I usually avoid strains with strong tastes, but it smokes surprisingly smooth for a Kush!

  2. Chance

    Appearance- Medium to dark green buds, lots of crystals coating the bud and some nice orange hairs.

    Smell- Pungent earthy pine with a nice citrus diesel and sweetness.

    Smoke- Smooth.

    Taste- Sweet citrus, Earthy.

    Buzz/Effects- Great strain to help with anxiety, stress and sleep, very calming and relaxing high.

    I love pine trees and I love pine tar kush!

    This strain helped me with pain, stress, sleep and genuinely helped me feel better.

    Thank You!

  3. Jonathan

    Great mellow high if you need to relax or sleep.

  4. Mike

    I was looking for a aromatic piney sort of flavour so I was pleasantly surprised to see pine tar kush. Lives up to its name flavor-wise. Deep piney smell and taste. I mixed it with some indica trim and it paired nicely for a evening smoke. I was hoping it would be slightly stronger than it is, my tolerance is pretty high but normally when I get a AAA indica it hits me a little harder than this one did. Made me want a few extra puffs to get where I wanted. Still other than that a nice smoke and great taste!

  5. Alexandre

    je vais en recommander ça c sur!

  6. Mike

    One of the best strains in the world. Full of pine flavoured goodness. Leaving you feeling stoned to the bone and relaxed. This a a must go to if your looking for something that tastes as great as it smells!😜

  7. Fernando

    Very relaxing to smoke in a joint or a blunt. Defnitely exceeded my expectations and made me feel great!
    Overall I found this strain pretty cool and the effects were very strong.

  8. Rob

    Not one of my favourites. Nothing wrong with the strain. It seemed to be grown well and smoked ok but I’ve never been a real fan of pine tar kush. The terpine profile just isn’t for me but others may enjoy it

  9. Harrison

    Really strong smell like no other. Buzz was great especially for the price I bought it at. Good size buds, not dry but not moist either the perfect ratio for sure.

  10. Luke

    Very Piney taste if thats your thing, hits great but he taste not my thing

  11. Jennifer

    This tastes and smells so good. Love smoking it while in the forest and is tastes like one too. Not too heavy for an indica, great for body pain and relaxation but didn’t knock me out completely. Great for an evening smoke, can even handle it during the day without being too couch locked.

  12. Peter

    Night-ime smoke!
    I blaze the Pine Tar Kush when I’m all sativa’d up and I need to get some sleep.
    Congolese Red from MMJ has got me wired and I when I need to drown the fire, I turn to the PTK.
    I opened the bag and boom! The pungent smell tempts my every sense. I love this strain for sleep. I melt in to my bed and drift off into my many dreams and realities. Smooth and spicy.

  13. Chris

    I really like this strain. Very strong pungent smoke. A bit stinky for taking on family vacation, oops. Strong indica buzz, overall great weed

  14. Guillaume

    wow. I really like this strain, I did not know it .. good taste, good buzz and burns well, I’ll take it back for sure.. thanks

  15. Adam

    pretty good stuff for the price, reminded me of OG Kush but a bit more bitter. still a good overall smoke for such a small price.

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