Pine Tar Kush

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Pine Tar Kush Information

Pine Tar is an Indica cannabis strain that usually offers a pleasant smoking experience because of its complex combination of skunk, citrus, and pine flavour with a touch of sweetness to it. Its THC levels generally reach as high as 22%, but this may vary depending on the phenotype. This cannabis strain is mainly used for its sedative effects that can ease the aches and pains in your body.


Pine Tar, also referred to as Pine Tar Kush, originates from a family of pure Indica genetics. This strain may be ideal for both novice and experienced users. Because of its pure Indica content, the initial high delivered by this strain can bring you the experience of elevation followed by a deeply relaxing and sedative physical high.


Best Effects


Pine Tar might offer you an evening of relaxation mixed with some giggles and positive feels. There are quite a few benefits for which this strain is widely used. Let’s explore some of its most common uses and effects.


Nausea. This cannabis strain may reduce the symptoms of nausea making room for a better appetite. You can potentially feel enough hunger that will push you to make your way to your snacks.


Alleviating Pain. Pine Tar carries sedative properties which can act as a remedy when pain and physical aches cause discomfort and struggles. You might find this strain helpful if you are suffering from a range of pains, including headaches, muscle cramps, arthritis, and others.


Depression. Besides having the ability to address the pain in the body, this marijuana bud may know how to effectively alleviate symptoms of stress and depression thanks to its initial uplifting cerebral high.


Insomnia. Many users have happily shared about this strain’s help when it came to their struggles with sleeping caused by insomnia. You might want to stay close to your pillow and warm blanket when smoking Pine Tar.


The Golden Look


This historic strain showcases small and round buds that are generously covered in sticky resin and golden trichomes. Pine Tar generally offers a pleasant pine aroma and flavour complemented by notes of citrus and skunk.


Even though Pine Tar can be consumed by newer marijuana users, this does not mean that you can dive into it. Start with a small dose until you find the right amount to consume to make the most of your experience with this strain.


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