Pink Bubba

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Indica dominant

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Pink Bubba Information

Purple Candy is a sweet cannabis strain with a berry, honey, and candy taste. The THC levels of this cannabis strain average around 19%, with 50:50 Sativa to Indica ratio. This weed strain is used to offer relief from a variety of medicinal needs, including arthritis, fatigue, migraines, or chronic stress.

The euphoric and mood-boosting effects of Purple Candy may replace anxious feelings with positive vibes while relaxing the body into a state of ease, as it may offer relief from chronic pain. The energetic and happy high of this marijuana bud can be enjoyed throughout the day. Because the THC levels aren’t overwhelmingly high, novice users may also try the effects of this weed flower, as long as the start dose is a smaller one.

Relieving A Variety Of Symptoms

Purple Candy offers well-rounded effects, providing a mental boost to potentially reach higher levels of energy, focus, and productivity. The relaxing high of this cannabis strain may soothe the anxious and overwhelming feelings caused by stress, soothing tensions and negative thoughts. The body high of this hybrid usually offers an energetic combination of stimulation and relaxation as it alleviates body pains and makes physical activities easier and much more enjoyable.

Physical pain. Purple Candy carries pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing properties, potentially alleviating chronic pain, or other physical discomforts, including headaches, arthritis, back pain, muscle cramps, arthritis, and tensions. This pain-relief, instead of causing a heavy feel, usually also delivers an energetic boost of motivation.

Mood swings. The euphoric and uplifting effects of this cannabis strain may relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Fatigue. The cerebral high of Purple Candy may increase focus, problem-solving, and creativity while easing symptoms of fatigue.

Stress. The relaxing properties of this weed flower generally relieve tensions in both the mind and body, replacing it with sensations of ease and calmness.

Appetite-loss. If you are struggling with a lack of appetite, the high of Purple Candy may increase your sense of hunger and appetite.

Sweet Like Candy

Purple Candy is a sweet cannabis strain. Its aroma is usually pungent dominant in sweet and grape notes. The flavour of this cannabis strain is nothing short of honey-like sweetness. The main overtones you will most likely notice in the taste of this bud are a combination of grape, berry, and candy sweetness.

13 reviews for Pink Bubba

  1. Steven

    Interesting how this flower got a majority 4-5 star. I’d give it a 3.5 at best? Buds were trimmed a bit off. More flowery versus dense buds. Rolls nicely in a joint but not the best tasting but alright. Medium body and head high.

  2. Maude

    So, among my favourite (Canadian spelling) strains are Bubba Kush (greatest flavour, in my opinion, almost mocha/coffee aftertaste in the mid to upper price range) and Pink Kush (Fastest acting pain relief, that I’ve found, but quite short lived and upper high price range). Combining these two creates a thing of beauty. The short lived aspect of the Pink Kush seems to be gone. While the Bubba flavour mixes so nicely with the Pink flavour (one of my favourite Kush exhale/aftertastes) for something truly special. This strain, Pink Bubba, falls in the upper price range, but is worth it’s weight in gold. Great for pain management, get some if/when you can.

  3. George

    This strain was really strong. I’m not an experienced cannabis user, so even 1 puff was really strong. I chilled for around 2 hours, then went to bed. In bed, I saw some 2d closed eye visuals (reminiscent of mushrooms, but looked more like comic book strips), then woke up at 10 am the next day.

  4. Stephone

    Nuggy buds and smooth pink vibes. So glad for Smalls batch of Pink Bubba
    Always in my personal rotation. Heavy and smooth

  5. Kent

    Two favourite strains in one can’t go wrong

  6. Georgia

    Wish it was available more often! It’s a result of some of my favorite products and you can tell.

  7. Rawaz

    pretty damn dense and haven’t come across this strain before. Loving the aroma and look of the nugs, they’re particuarly pleasant to grind and the smoke is as harsh as the paper you would smoke on! Super tight and clean, you’re not going to be dissapointed with a new order of these!

  8. Benjamin

    Bubba’s are always great at the end of the day for unwinding and help me mellow out. This one gave me a good night sleep and couch locked me almost immediately.

  9. Nicholas

    Excellent for winding down. Not too heavy of a buzz but just enough to power down the brain before bed.

  10. Nicole

    Great for night time relaxation or right before bed, especially great for insomnia.

  11. Jessica

    Got this as a sleep/relaxation aid. Works like a charm. Plus high in both CBD and THC.

  12. Tyrone

    A very good indica.. not too heavy. Dense buds, just the way I like em.

  13. Todd

    My new fav.

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