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Pink Bubba Information

Here’s a strain that exemplifies pink power. Pink Bubba is a relatively rare strain, and it’s not well-known outside of certain circles. While many Canadian smokers may have heard of Pink Bubba before, it’s fairly uncommon in the US. That makes it a favourite of anyone who wants a true-blue Canadian strain, raised from some of the best genetics in the world.


Pink Bubba is – you guessed it – a cross between Pink Kush and Bubba Kush. The resulting indica-dominant hybrid has a nice combination of flavour and appearance. It has the unmistakable aroma and taste typical of Kush strains while boasting a vibrant colouring that’s sure to attract any visual stoner. Add in a potent THC content, which often peaks around 23 percent, and you’ve found a strain with the look, smell, and high to keep you coming back over and over again.


What does Pink Bubba Look and Smell Like?


If you like pretty strains, you’ll love Pink Bubba. Like its name suggests, Pink Bubba’s flowers feature a bright pink coloration. Often, the flowers feature pale pink buds. Under certain circumstances, though, this strain’s colouring can boast a rich, deep pink hue. Its appearance is rounded out by its warm, ruddy hairs, which range from orange to red.

Pink Bubba features an earthy, pungent tone typical of its Kush genetics. Smelling this strain is like sticking your nose in a dank, moist root cellar. The smoke Pink Kush produces, is heavy, thick, and smelly. Sometimes, it can burn a little harsh.


What Effects does Pink Bubba Have?


Since it has indica-dominant genetics, Pink Bubba features some of the best of both worlds. First, it has the potent relaxing high typical of indica plants. Users report it makes them feel sedated and laid-back. However, it also offers a euphoric, creative rush, that may also increase creativity, according to some users. Medical users have commented that it may be particularly effective against migraines.

9 reviews for Pink Bubba

  1. Kent

    Two favourite strains in one can’t go wrong

  2. Georgia

    Wish it was available more often! It’s a result of some of my favorite products and you can tell.

  3. Rawaz

    pretty damn dense and haven’t come across this strain before. Loving the aroma and look of the nugs, they’re particuarly pleasant to grind and the smoke is as harsh as the paper you would smoke on! Super tight and clean, you’re not going to be dissapointed with a new order of these!

  4. Benjamin

    Bubba’s are always great at the end of the day for unwinding and help me mellow out. This one gave me a good night sleep and couch locked me almost immediately.

  5. Nicholas

    Excellent for winding down. Not too heavy of a buzz but just enough to power down the brain before bed.

  6. Nicole

    Great for night time relaxation or right before bed, especially great for insomnia.

  7. Jessica

    Got this as a sleep/relaxation aid. Works like a charm. Plus high in both CBD and THC.

  8. Tyrone

    A very good indica.. not too heavy. Dense buds, just the way I like em.

  9. Todd

    My new fav.

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