Gassy Pink Death (Smalls)

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Gassy Pink Death (Smalls) Information

This pretty pot is Pink Death, a stunning Death Star x Pink Kush cross. With a moderate THC content, it’s simultaneously approachable and fierce.

Pink Death is fairly relaxing on the cannabis continuum, thanks to its pure indica genetics. It’s usually a fairly rare strain outside of its roots in the Pacific Northwest. However, this BC Bud has recently become available – but for how long, we’re not sure.

What Does Pink Death Look and Smell Like?

Pink Death features a moderate, homogenous scent. It doesn’t quite dial in to any aroma too specifically. Elements of certain distinct smells, like the pungent haze of diesel fumes, along with a broad stroke of general spices. Some astute nostrils may uncover a faintly herbal aroma as well.

This strain’s jar appeal is readily apparent as well. Pink Death is supremely sticky, practically oozing its thick coating of trichomes. It has dense nugs dominated by olive-green colours. Some brighter shades of green do appear, as does a faintly pink aura. Gnarled, rusty fibres crisscross the surface of the flowers, bursting from between them.

Pink Death’s smoke has a thick, rich texture, washing across the taste buds as it delivers this strain’s flavour. This strain’s taste is reminiscent of its scent, with several different characteristics vying for power. The addition of a juicy berry burst adds further complexity to Pink Death’s flavour.

Pink Death’s High

Pink Death’s high proudly exhibits all the best traits its pure indica genetics have to offer. It’s sublimely tranquil, welcoming smokers into a Zenlike state without care or worry. Another key trait of indicas is their tingly body high, which can frequently result in couch-lock. It also possesses an uplifting, happy boost in mood.

Its THC content generally hovers between 20 and 25 percent, making Pink Death slightly more powerful than the average strain. Newer smokers shouldn’t be intimidated by this strain, though. It’s fairly manageable for those still getting to know cannabis.

Indicas could also possess potent medical benefits. Historically, indicas have exhibited the ability to help lull users to sleep. They also have a reputation for being possible pain relievers, and may be able to reduce inflammation. Some users have also used Pink Death to overcome depression, anxiety, and stress.

3 reviews for Gassy Pink Death (Smalls)

  1. Cedric

    Great product and fast delivery. A smooth and relaxing indica strain. I prefer to use it after work

  2. Tammy

    Love this strain, the smallz was no disappointment!! Trimmed nice, still some decent size buds. Great heavy hitter/nighttime smoke!! Has a nice berry taste as most of the pinks do.

  3. Kerry

    The Strain is one of my favourites and has been for a long time. Nice tight nugs, Great Taste and strength. I just grabbed an ounce and the price point is excellent. 🤩

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