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Pink Kush (Kief) Information

Pink Kush (Kief) is recommended for well-seasoned cannabis users as it usually delivers a very strong high, ideal for those individuals who need a stronger kick than what the weed plant can offer. The accumulated trichomes of the cannabis plant offer a high concentration that generally results in an intense high. Kief is one of the most potent forms of marijuana that can be used in many different ways. It can be pressed into a hash, infused into food or non-alcoholic drinks, or it can be added to joints or blunts.


Pink Kush, the cannabis strain, contains approximately 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. This ratio generally delivers pain-relieving, physically numbing, and deeply relaxing effects. With an elevated potency because of the highly concentrated trichomes present in Pink Kush kief, when consuming it you shouldn’t plan for more than lounging on your couch in a state of utter relaxation, potentially entering a couch-lock effect followed by a night of restful sleep.


Deeply Relaxing And Soothingly Numbing


Pink Kush (kief) is a cannabis concentrate that is recommended for evening use. Only experienced marijuana users should bathe in the strong effects of this weed concentrate. With potent relaxing, numbing, and sleep-inducing effects, the high of this cannabis kief pairs well with doing nothing, relaxing on the couch, and getting a good night’s sleep. The high of this marijuana concentrate can be intense, so for starters, we would suggest a lower dose with a slow build. Let’s explore the most common effects of Pink Kush.


Calm and euphoric. The cerebral high of this cannabis concentrate may enable your mind to disconnect from tensions and worries and enable you to move into a state of calmness and positivity.


Happy and relaxed. The uplifting and calming effects of Pink Kush (kief) may address and reduce symptoms of mood swings, such as anxiety, depression, and potentially even PTSD, allowing you to feel comforted by happy and positive feelings. This will most likely allow you to relax your mind and body at the end of the day.


Boosting appetite. Before a potential couch-lock effect or a sleepy state kicks in, you may notice that your appetite increases. Before you melt into your couch or bed, grab some snacks to have beside you.


Relieving chronic pain. The inflammation-reducing and pain-soothing high of Pink Kush may help you effectively manage chronic pain in your body, such as migraines, arthritis, neuropathic pain, muscle spasticity, and much more.


Insomnia. The deeply relaxing and sleep-inducing effects of this weed concentrate may be a helpful choice for individuals struggling with sleep issues and disorders, such as insomnia.

4 reviews for Pink Kush (Kief)

  1. Adrian

    I was looking for a little bit of extra something to add to my bowls.

    I decided to try the kief as the last time I smoked kief I got emotional listening/watching some music videos that happened to be sad LOL.

    I wanted to get in touch with my inner self and this kief certainly helped. I never got so high I cried at a sad music video, but it was good, and the price was amazing

  2. Derrick

    Another good product from MMJdirect. Works well when added to your flower. I recommend the Pink Kush kief.

  3. Chris

    Pink kush Kief is a very standard and tolerable high. It offers the pleasantries of a nice body high and when sprinkled on other indicas it has a very very sedating effect. I suffer from the dreaded migraines and this is another go to. It can be smoked alone for newbies and it’s effects aren’t a strong in the head high which is always appreciated. I have had the pleasures of using some of this kief in peanut butter cookies and it was a really good edible body high, which still left me functioning, pain free and most importantly happy.

  4. Aventine

    Pleasantly surprised with how well this product was.

    I was sceptical at first until I tried it. I normally will mix this in with my joints when I need a bit more of a boost. This product provides a nice psychoactive high without the anxiety.

    – great price
    – easy to use
    -not overwhelming. Good for new users

    – easy to go through fast

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