Pink Kush

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90% Indica dominant

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Pink Kush Information

Pink Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid with an approximate ratio of 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, which makes it ideal for nighttime use. In some cases, it can be classified as a 100% pure Indica strain. Its THC level averages around 17.5% and can go as high as 20%. The CBD level of this strain is known to be less than 1%.

This cannabis strain emits a potent pine aroma, that is perfected and enhanced by the essences of tree bark and garden flowers. It promotes a very powerful knock-out trait. This, with just one solid puff, can cause a couch-lock effect for its user.

Pink Kush lives up to its name with a breathtaking coloration, strong body effects, and a delicious and delicate taste.

The Origins of The Strain

The origins of this strain fall under a mysterious wondering. It is believed that Pink Kush comes from the OG Kush lineage and that it might have been produced by inbreeding a variant of its parent.

If the OG Kush lineage is indeed accurate, that would suggest Hindu Kush, Chemdawg and Lemon Thai in this strain’s genealogy and would definitely explain its Indica dominant characteristics, including its shorter stature, its effects, the aroma and taste of its cured flowers.

The Aroma and Appearance Profile of Pink Kush

Most users generally mention its euphoric and sedating effects. Cannabis consumers can expect a delicious aroma profile with a peppery ensemble of terpenes, such as myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, beta-pinene and limonene. As the plant grows, Pink Kush’s pistils typically begin to blush pink. Its leaves develop purple streaks due to the cold Fall harvest-time temperature.

This cannabis strain has been chosen and stabilized for its one of a kind aromas and effects. It can offer potent body effects, also enjoyed for its sweet and delicate taste. The heavy aroma of vanilla, with sweet berries and floral notes, is a favourite amongst its users.

During the flowering stage, the buds are known to be dense and populate a significant quantity of trichomes. Some of its phenotypes tend to showcase pink and purple hues on the buds, which looks phenomenal.

Pink Kush is richly covered in trichomes. It looks as if it is fully decorated with diamond layers.

The Health Properties and Effects of Pink Kush

Pink Kush can be an impressive aid when it comes to combating physical pain, migraines and nausea. Due to its powerful knock-out properties, the user can appreciate a highly effective body rest and relaxation.

It has also proven to help in dealing with stress, depression and anxiety. It gives great comfort to its users due to the experience of relaxation and happiness it can give them.

This cannabis strain is known to be extremely effective in eliminating chronic pain, muscle tension, cramps, and many other symptoms caused by stress and inflammation. It can help with insomnia and appetite loss. Its users report experiencing a deep sense of relaxation with the bonus of happy giggles. They find that they are instantly provided with euphoria. These effects can extend over the course of many hours.

54 reviews for Pink Kush

  1. Amardeep

    Pink Kush? Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff! The taste is a sweet mix with a hint of floral goodness, giving a solid buzz without knocking you out. If you’re dealing with anxiety or pain, this might just be your ticket to relief. The buds might be small, but trust me, they pack a punch. Overall, it’s a tasty, mellow experience worth trying. Waiting when it’s gonna be in stock again!!!

  2. Jason

    This strain is strong 💪 on the throat ……. But it’s really hard oh and I forgot good price 🚨

  3. Craig

    can it get any better then a classic?

    8/10. great smoke for the evening.

    Solid taste solid buzz

    Just like mamma used to grow *chefs kiss*

  4. Cassie

    amazing buds. the name for sure tells a good story. pink crystals and tasty vibes. 4/5 stars. this is an easy smoke and a slow burn, you wont waste all your money or tokes on a little bit of this. Really great night time smoke, good for laying in bed and releasing the day

  5. Alexandre

    fruite, doux, allure vert pale ,bon pour activite de jours

  6. Christopher

    Pink Kush is well known and is a classic staple of the experienced user. The batches I’ve ordered from this site are nothing short of the sticky-icky deliciousness I’ve known and loved for over a decade.

    Buds are medium-sized and extremely dense. Very sticky and squishy due to the high resin content. You can see stingers when you pull the buds apart (how delicious is THAT!?).

    Pink Kush has a distinct taste that you can’t get anywhere else. Delicious and potent tasting, with a strong but smooth throat hit that most experienced smokers would welcome. You will feel the effects of this almost immediately, peaking around 15-30 minutes, and lasting the good majority of the rest of your day.

    Pink Kush is my all-time favorite indica, and you’re going to get a good batch from these guys! Awesome for pain, sleep, and anything else that requires great relaxation effects.

    Taste: 10/10
    Looks: 8/10
    Strength: 9.5/10

  7. Douglas

    For me, I like it because it’s a nice solid smoke that’s very balanced. I like to experiment with new strains and I really enjoy that but I like to have a strain at home that I know that’s good and dependable and well, kind of boring (no surprises).

    Oh, and its nice with a bit of hash / kief as well!

  8. Samantha

    Nice strand. Will buy again. Was smooth. Not long lived, but a great punch. Flavor was light. Looking forward to getting again.

  9. Jason

    Great deal on this strain, can’t go wrong on the price. I found the high was good and only needed a pinner to get me stoned, mind you my tolerance is on low side. Great bang for your buck!

  10. Chance

    Amazing strain, one of My favorites. This strain is great for helping with sleep, pain and just about anything. Thank You!

  11. Pat

    Pink Kush was a nice mellow buzz. The buds were small, and tasted pleasant. I enjoyed this strain when I was relaxing and doing some artwork. I was able to be creative and unrestrained

  12. Maude

    This stuff is amazing! I took about three hits from a joint of this and it truly is some very posh bud. It taste of hashy sweetness with a hint of floral/spice. But the effects are so smooth and calming but not sleepy, focused yet amazingly buzzed. I can see where this would be just the ticket for someone who’s got the blues, anxiety or pain. I thank the other people who reviewed this strain because it made me buy this. Anyone else who reads this, it really is an incredible buzz for the prize, yes it’s small nugs but there potent 😛 .

    Effect: 7,6/10
    Taste: 7,4/10
    Look: 7,1/10

  13. Mike

    There’s one strain I can never be fooled by and that’s pink kush. If I could take one kush with me into the great beyond it would be this one! Always gives me a smooth but deep indica high. I’ve always thought of this one as a super strain in the sense that you can get coach locked stoned, ready to sleep or if you need to snap out of it and get something done this can do both! The flavor is distinct to pink kush they did not miss on this one. The nugs were small hense the name but it didn’t matter. It’s also a bit cheaper than other pink kush I’ve seen around so that’s a bonus!

  14. mathieu

    Very happy with this strain.I like the size of the buds they are easily grinded and ready to roll.Not that strong of a buzz but good enough for the price.Thanks

  15. Jennifer

    Pink Kush is an all around favourite strain. Great for medicinal usage (PTSD and agoraphobia here). Really helps keep me level or bring me back down when escalated, during the day. Perfect for using before bed too as it just helps the day melt away. (beginners take note this is a heavy hitter) The buds were really nice and smelled wonderful. Taste is sweet and fruity.

  16. Darla

    this product works very well for my fibramyalga and osteoarthritis

  17. Korinn

    By far my favorite I need to consciously make an effort to switch away from this strain. Used for relaxing after a long day and just shutting off, it makes me giggly and fun when I’m with my partner

  18. Mark

    I got a chance to try this pink kush. I rarely buy flower from dispensaries, but I made an exception and ordered some. Its really nice. Burns clean. Bud had nice life left to it. (Not over dry like some of the in store flower) pleasantly surprised. Ordering more. I do think its that nice.

  19. Tina

    Apparently Pink Kush is the favourite kind of weed amongst Canadians. I have found that there are many strencths for PK but the one I got here was the best. Fresh, meaty buds that tasted delicious. It is a really good weed for vaping as the taste is divine.

  20. Jason

    Nice smell..good taste burns well and descent buzz….will buy again

  21. Ryan

    Always a great choice. Dank, stinky, kushy buds. Fantastic taste and smell, a little strong/ harsh but it’s worth the buzz

  22. Laura

    Pink kush is my go-to strain. It’s instantly relaxing and a great evening smoke for chilling with friends and watching a movie. It helps with my insomnia and also reduces my nightmares allowing me to have lovely peaceful sleep. It’s perfect for every day use.

    MMJ never disappoints the price for their pink kush is a great deal considering the quality of this product.


    Great “pain” strain! Was a little reluctant to try this strain from MMJ but it def packed a punch! Very impressed with the quality! Will be ordering again!

  24. Chris

    I bought this for my father but ended up smoking it myself. Great taste, strong but smooth. Nice relaxing buzz. I Will definitely re order, plus I better get my dad some, oops.

  25. Joshua

    Awesome strain, probably my fav. great high and helps with sleep.

  26. Aidan

    One of my favourite indica dominant strains. Strong relaxing and euphoric effects. Perfect to wind down in the evening. Very nice product, especially for the price. Smooth to smoke, tastes like pine. Buds are deep green with some orange, not purple like in the picture. Very happy, will be ordering again.

  27. Fadi

    This stuff will drift your body into a deep sleep, and you’ll wake up refreshed! Dense buds,

  28. Henry

    I really enjoyed the Pink Kush, flavour was good and the buzz is great. So many Kush variations out there to try but I will be back for this one.

  29. Angelina

    Really great product. Smooth and easy. Perfect for a chill night. Tastes great too.

  30. Cedrick

    Indica cest pour mes douleurs chronique et puis je peux confirmer que avec cette sorte sa bien aider a soulagée et procure un sommeil profond, en plus exellent gout! Je recommande cette sorte au gens qui aiment les bienfaits du indica, parfait pour la puff du soir en plus il est pas chère 🤟🔥

  31. Melissa

    I’ve purchased this strain multiple times and keep coming back to it. It’s very potent and really helps me with my insomnia. One of the best strains for helping me relax and sleep. Very smooth smoke and taste. I’m an RMT and at the end of a long day at work I can get pretty sore but this helps with the body aches. Can be pretty heavy hitting so I don’t recommend for beginners or people with a low tolerance.

  32. David

    When I saw you guys had this, I had to get it. Very good smoke. My body felt so relaxed and my mind was stress free. Thank you.

  33. Kyle

    10/10 one of my fav Strains for pain, sleep and stress. !

  34. Ryan

    This is a very good quality pink! The buds are perfectly cured, nice and dense, and covered in crystal. It smells incredible busted up in the grinder! It tastes amazing, just like other kushy pink strains. Very fruity and tasty. It’s a heavy hitter as well, it has a really nice calming high that doesn’t make me feel foggy. Great bud 👍

  35. Georgia

    One of my favorite strains! A nice earthy or pine like taste and nice looking bud with lots of crystals. This will always help me relax and subsequently fall asleep at the end of the day.

  36. Jazmin

    Great strain with strong high

  37. Megan

    Great calming effect, awesome for night time use to help you sleep. 😀

  38. Derek

    buds are very nice with lots of crystal! uplifting and euphoric high, perfect for anyone looking to relieve stress and melt away their worries

  39. Brian

    One of my all time favorites!!!
    Smooth, tasty even buzz!!

    Top shelf blocker side !!!!

  40. Steve

    A great night time option. Really calms me down and helps me sleep.

    Flavor is great, and the smoke is super clean!

  41. Kathleen

    This is an easy go-to strain for lovers of indica. Being almost 100% indica, it’s best smoked in the evening or when you want to really chill out/calm down.

  42. Carl

    Good strain overall. A bit dry but pretty potent. Not as purple as the picture.

  43. Victor

    knocks you the f*** out!!!!

  44. Krystle

    Such good smoke love the flavour best out. You gotta get this stuff

  45. Tyler

    Very strong sedative effects, bud is a bit dry but still a good smoke. Great indica if looking for something to calm down and get ready for bed

  46. Justin

    It’s simple, this is an amazing indica. You won’t be disappointed.

  47. Sarah

    An excellent mild kush flavour, with full, sedative kush effects. I think this is my new favourite nighttime smoke.

  48. Brandon

    One of the fruitiest tasting kushes I’ve tasted, in a mildly grapefruit kind of way. Fairly couch locking. A great late evening strain

  49. Michael

    A friend recommended this when I asked him what was good to mellow you out at night. He calls this the ‘face-melter’, but in a good way!

  50. Travis

    Ahhhh one of my favourite strains for nightime. Almost all body high, but it does linger on a nice head buzz with a “peaceful easy feeling”. Great for just chilling at home by yourself, or with your partner. Definitely not a daytime strain. This stuff will drift your body into a deep sleep, and you’ll wake up refreshed! Dense buds, a little on the small side….are a beautiful shade of green with tangy looking hairs once in a while. Tastes as fantastic as it smells…very piney but earthy. Classic kush smell really. Excellent for insomnia and pain/stress.

  51. Kelly

    My personal fav! Nice light taste, slightly pine like aroma, and smooth, balanced high. Nice rich green buds with purple and flecks of orange. Great to help you relax!

  52. Jessica

    Definitely my favorite, smooth burn, yummy taste! Soo good!

  53. Kathleen

    Incredible flavor and scent. Very smooth but packs a punch. My all time favorite.

  54. Anonymous

    My fav by far.

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