Pleasure Oils

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10ml – 30ml bottles

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Pleasure Oils Information

** cannalife has discontinued their product line, this will be our last shipment **

Pleasure Oils from Cannalife are exactly what you need when you want to spice things up between you and your soulmate. This topical cannabis aphrodisiac will activate all pleasure zones, unlock all kinds of energies, and enhance your orgasmic experience above the norms. It was high time we presented a more unusual cannabis-based product.

You can choose between 4 options:

  • Pleasure Oil 10ml
  • Warm Pleasure Oil 10ml
  • Pleasure Oil 30ml
  • Warm Pleasure Oil 30ml

What does it contain?

Pleasure Oils come from an ancient formula that uses the sacred essential oils of myrrh and frankincense with cannabis; bringing blood flow and sensation to the area will make sex all the more pleasing. However, make sure you don’t use this product as a lube because that’s not the purpose it was intended for. The coconut oil included will instantly break off latex condoms and sex toys.

All the ingredients are organic compounds with demonstrable therapeutic benefits and sexual improvement effects. Your sexual life should receive a big boost up, an aspect that many of our clients have reported after buying this product. Allegedly, it makes your body very warm and fuzzy, ready for some alone time with your loved one. Moreover, it should also alleviate any pains you usually feel during the act.

What is the cannabis concentration?

Every 3-4 pump of this stuff contains 1ml which measures up to 17mg of THC which should leave you warm and tingling with pleasure. Always start with a small quantity and see how it affects you. It’s no use to use more than you need – you’ll only finish it faster that way. Plus, a small quantity of this product goes a long way!

7 reviews for Pleasure Oils

  1. Leia

    This stuff is powerful. Makes you feel warm and pleasurable. It is soothing. I use it on my period and while applying a menstrual cup.

  2. Emma

    It was really nice 🙂 I would buy it again

  3. Rachael

    Makes for a great massage that really feels good during and after! Pleasantly tingly and playful.

  4. Jamelie

    Damnnnnn this is some good oil, it actually works

  5. Kelly

    As a woman it makes everything a bit more sensitive during sex. I liked it enough to buy it again.

  6. Serge

    Very enjoyable for massaging the area

  7. Samara

    Absolutely amazing. I suffer from pain during sex. Dr’s have no idea why. This was a miracle worker for me.

  8. Dana

    Very enjoyable

  9. Tracy

    This is a fun product, it makes you feel all warm! It is great as a massage oil also!

  10. Jessica

    This works. It’s potent, you only need a few drops and it takes about 20 minutes to bring on a very pleasant and relaxing high.

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