Pure Hemp Unbleached – 1 1/4

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1 Regular size booklet – 50 Papers

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Pure Hemp Unbleached – 1 1/4 Information

This Pure Hemp Unbleached – 1 1/4 is a one regular size booklet, containing 50 premium rolling papers. They are 1 ¼ inch in size, and they are ideal for smoking herbs and weed in a natural, pure and eco-friendly way.

Some of the Greatest Benefits of Hemp

To create these premium rolling papers, unbleached hemp is used, which protects and seals the taste of your herbs. They are completely tree-free. With its content of the purest hemp pulp and natural gum strip, the Pure Hemp Unbleached – 1 1/4 is chosen for its high quality. A thorough analysis ensures that only premium hemp is being used.

It provides a slow burn and very little ash. The premium Pure Hemp Unbleached is an eco-alternative in comparison to the wood pulp-based rolling papers. They are slightly thinner than their predecessor. Its production process does not include the use of elemental additives. This causes a cleaning feature for the pulp. Most cannabis pros tell us that hemp papers provide the best smoking experience.

For your own best cannabis smoking experience, you can buy Pure Hemp Unbleached – 1 1/4 online in Canada from our sore.

2 reviews for Pure Hemp Unbleached – 1 1/4

  1. Theodora

    Love how clean it burns.

  2. Anonymous

    These are the best papers that I’ve ever used. Way better than the Raws.

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