Raw Unbleached – 1 1/4″

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1 Booklet – 50 Papers
78mm x 44mm

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Raw Unbleached – 1 1/4″ Information

If you’re searching for the best papers out there, look no further than RAW. The company has made a name for itself as the premier maker of rolling papers for joints. With RAW’s Unbleached 1 ¼ Inch Rolling Papers, you can ensure that your joints taste like clean craft cannabis – not burning paper. They’re the pinnacle of natural, organic rolling papers.

With these Unbleached 1 ¼ Inch Rolling Papers, RAW has engineered the perfect materials for joint construction. They’re made from hemp paper, giving an even closer approximation to the true taste of cannabis.

Super Clean Rolling Paper

Smokers have long been divided on how papers affect a joint’s flavour. Some smokers agree that paper affects a joint’s taste. In contrast, some say it doesn’t matter, since any paper will affect the overall flavour of a joint.

They don’t know what they’re talking about. The makeup of your joint paper has a significant impact on how your joint will taste. RAW left bleaching or colouring out of their recipe, eliminating possible toxins from these premium papers.

Don’t just take our word for the unrivalled quality of RAW’s Unbleached 1 ¼ Inch Rolling Papers. Try them yourself. You’ll be blown away by the difference a simple change of rolling papers can make.

7 reviews for Raw Unbleached – 1 1/4″

  1. Lindsay

    I really like these papers because they are wider and make it easier for me to roll as I have issues with pain and mobility in my hands and fingers. Since they are bigger, I can make bigger joints that I can smoke in stages, eliminating the need to roll multiple small joints which can aggravate my hand/wrist pain each time. They are also unbleached and burn well, without adding any unpleasant flavour that some papers do. Plus they are better for the enviro for the eco-conscious. These are always on the lists for best papers, and I have to agree.

  2. Guillaume

    my favorite paper! burns well, perfect size and no taste!

  3. Kirsten

    Excellent papers and roll great joints.

  4. Andrew

    Been a longtime user of “regular” sized papers and just bought a pack of these to change it up and it looks like I won’t be downsizing anytime soon.

  5. Patrick

    Classic that you can alway count on.
    Classique toujours aussi fiable.

  6. Debra

    Tried tested and true ??

  7. Darryl

    Simply the best papers available today
    They burn perfectly

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