Re-Leaf Topical Pain Gel by ILU

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Re-Leaf Topical Pain Gel by ILU Information

Did you ever have pains that were so severe you thought they wouldn’t end? Chronic pains and muscular aches can be extremely debilitating. Fortunately, cannabis topicals such as the ILU Re-Leaf Topical Pain Gel are here to make your day better! Using this gel to relieve your pain is the perfect choice whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast or not. It works for everyone in equal measure.


You don’t have to believe in CBD’s healing potential for it to work on you. Both your mind and body will feel relieved after applying this lotion on your body. Depending on your actual problems and their localization, apply the topical on specific areas of your body. Your problems will disappear as soon as the topical is absorbed into your skin, so you can have a relaxed evening ahead.

What are ILU Re-leaf Topical Pain Gel’s effects like?


This Topical Pain Gel is a wonderful pain relief coming from one of the most famous manufacturers of cannabis topicals. ILU made this gel from organic and natural ingredients only. It’s a non-greasy, alcohol-based tincture with CBD, arnica, essential oils, and menthol crystals inside. All of these ingredients will alleviate symptoms of:


  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis

The effects will affect your mind first. You’ll feel a warm feeling spreading from the area you applied the gel all the way to your head. I’ll start feeling giddy and buzzy all of a sudden, as you descend into relaxation and sedation. Then, your body starts cancelling out the feelings of pain and aching.


How should you apply the Topical Pain Gel?


You don’t have to apply a large quantity to obtain the desired effects. Instead, you can put a small quantity on your fingertip, and then apply it where it hurts the most. It could be a bruised leg or an aching arm. You even massage your forehead with this Topical Pain Gel if you have a migraine giving you trouble. Don’t put the lotion anywhere near the eyes, though!

2 reviews for Re-Leaf Topical Pain Gel by ILU

  1. ADAM

    I purchased this for my wife as she has chronic back pain. Used it the other day on her as well as as well as my wrist I hurt while using my chainsaw the other day. It is very nice stuff to use, warm, soothing, applies very easily, and the texture is great. A bit on the pricy side of things but you do get what you pay for!! Depending on the price I may purchase again. But it seems like every other good topical it sells out very quickly and like many others may never be heard from again. This is probably a solid 5th place finish ever for us, first being one I bought at a gas station of all places in Washington state for significantly cheaper then anything we can get up here oddly enough?!! I’d give it a 3.5 but that cant happen so 3 it is.

    Thanks mmj

  2. Jo-anne

    Was looking for a topical that was easy to use. This is it!❤️ Instant, long lasting pain relief! Great for arthritis, works on contact

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