RSO Hybrid Seawarp by Viridesco

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RSO Hybrid Seawarp by Viridesco Information

Viridesco is a major manufacturer of medicine-grade cannabis products in Canada. Their adherence to strict safety and quality standards makes all their products viable for therapeutic use. The Viridesco V-RSO Seawarp Oil is no exception to this rule. Made from Seawarp flowers and cannabis flowers, this oil contains about 78.75% cannabinoids. This includes 75% THC. With these many cannabinoids, the psychotropic effects will provide ample therapeutic benefits to you!

Viridesco emphasizes product quality, purity, and efficiency. All their products are lab-tested before being released. The Viridesco V-RSO Seawarp Oil offers a medical breakthrough in terms of therapeutic potential. It can alleviate and relieve many medical conditions, such as inflammation, nausea, insomnia, appetite loss, Glaucoma, chronic pain, and more.

What are this V-RSO Seawarp Oil’s effects like?

The V-RSO Seawarp Oil will positively impact your mind via the psychotropic effects. At first, you’ll feel a wave of euphoria affect your head with a solid rush. The buzz will make you feel warm and relaxed all of a sudden. As the effects reach the threshold, they’ll make you feel even more relaxed and comfortable. Eventually, you’ll feel at peace and a bit sleepy. You may even feel hungry due to the THC effects.

The V-RSO Seawarp Oil is a 50-50 hybrid oil with both euphoric and sedative effects. At first, the euphoria will erase all your negative thoughts and alleviate depression symptoms. People with anxiety will also find it easier to control their emotions and bouts of panic attacks. This tincture manages things that most other traditional medication can’t even begin to aspire toward.

How do you use the V-RSO Seawarp Oil?

We recommend consuming this oil either sublingually or mixed in other foods. The sublingual method involves placing a few drops underneath your tongue and waiting for 20-30 seconds before swallowing. This ensures the drops get absorbed in the oral membrane, which sends the THC straight to your bloodstream. The effects will be much more intense this way, which means more therapeutic benefits for you. It’s a good idea to dose out a few drops per use for more efficient usage.

The second method involves placing a few drops into your favourite food and gulping it down. Viridesco V-RSO Seawarp Oil works well with salads, cocktails, cookies, and other foods that aren’t hot. High heat doesn’t bode well for this tincture as it might eliminate its therapeutic benefits. Otherwise, you’re allowed to add it to any snack or food you like!

4 reviews for RSO Hybrid Seawarp by Viridesco

  1. Tanner

    It’s very strong and relaxing, I make it into chocolates. It doesn’t hit to hard and just a gradual body high

  2. Jo-anne

    Love this stuff! I use it to make ointment, works great for arthritis and chronic back pain.
    I also use it sublingual for pain and sleep. As far as the “ high”; I am a medicinal user so am not looking to get high, but maybe if I could stay awake long enough I might find out.

    Will continue to purchase this product.

  3. Alex

    My farourite edibles that I have found. I lovely clean buzz. I can’t wait for it to be back in stock.

  4. Gagan

    Bought this product kuz I have a super high thc tolerance, I only get high off edibles and these rso’s hit the spot. They taste like hot garbage so you have to but them between a banana and wash it down with milk but the effects are incredible. This rso isn’t as strong as some others varadesco offers but still gives you a fine high, I’d reccomend only people with high thc tolerance take these orally

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