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Seafood Tincture – Cats Information

What cat can resist the promise of seafood? It’s a fact that once they get a whiff of the briny flavour, nothing can stand in the way of their feline noses. It’s also a fact that Apawthecary Pets packs their Tincture for cats with actual Seafood flavour as well as Hemp Terpenes and CBD goodness that may help your favourite furry playmate in its struggles against anxiety and pain.

Tasty and beneficial in a small bottle

The Seafood Tincture from Apawthecary Pets is a dietary supplement in the shape of tincture drops in MCT Oil Base that is produced in Canada. The brand only uses Non-GMO, human-grade food ingredients, exactly like you would use if you had the chance to create such a treat for your precious furry friend.

The Tincture has a lovely seafood flavour that cats are known to love but it is so much more than just a tasty treat. This Seafood Tincture packs a powerful dose of CBD oil so that your cat can enjoy all the benefits that come from such a dietary supplement.

When treated to daily doses, the Seafood Tincture can provide a sense of calm for cats that suffer from anxiety, can help with symptoms of insomnia, stress, and more importantly, it may relieve pain. Not only that but if you buy Seafood Tincture online, it can help your cat’s overall wellness and health. It can improve its mood, help it function better in the society of other animals and sleep better during the night.

According to users who buy Seafood Tincture for cats in Canada, a few drops a day have been essential for cats suffering from past trauma, pets who have cognitive issues, aggressive disorders, or who simply love to vocalize too much.

As expected, the Seafood Tincture for cats contains non-toxic CBD oil. You can choose between a 120mg CBD version and a 300mg CBD one. The Tincture is made for cats of any size and it comes with a convenient dropper that will make dosing so much easier for you and your beloved pet.

Once you begin a course of dietary supplements that involves the Seafood Tincture for cats, you should notice some changes regarding your pet within four days.

Please note: This product does not contain THC as that can be harmful or toxic toward animals.

7 reviews for Seafood Tincture – Cats

  1. Debra

    WOW where do i begin, Rosie was a mean kitty lol she would always hiss at you when you walked by, now, she wants you to bet her

    WINSTON, omg now that has been a HUGE change, previously he was skittish, afraid of his own shadow, now he’s your cuddle buddy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this from Rosie and Winston

  2. Pilar

    My cat suffers from anxiety and is a bit aggressive at times. I’ve had him since he was a small kitten but he has always been like this. Now he just turned 10 years old and I will be soon I introducing him to a new pet slowly. 🐶❤️😺

    A lot of friends recommended I try CBD for him as they also used it for some of their cats, and they have seen a positive impact in their use. I read reviews for this product and thought…why not give it a go?

    It has been two weeks of my cat having it everyday for the past two weeks in the morning .25 (the product helps you signalling the right dosage) and it has been great for him! He doesn’t like it fed directly so I usually mix it with a few small treats in a plate and he likes it. I see him more relaxed and easy going, he is not as jumpy with some regular sounds like perhaps someone knocking on the door and he is more playful and friendly than before. I think it’s working out well!

    I will try to change the dosage for night time and see what happens during the day.

    Definitely recommend the product, I got the 300 mg. Working well so far!

  3. Jeff

    I found my cat over 15 years ago and luckily haven’t needed to bring her to the vet much. However she does have anxiety and pain sometimes, and I’ve found this really helps. It’s hard to say about obvious changes, since it’s such a subtle amount I give her – 3 drops a day — but I put it in the gravy of her food and it’s always the first thing she eats. I’ve had this for a couple of months and there’s still a lot left. I’d rather give her this and have a peace of mind that she’s getting some relief than nothing at all. I haven’t noticed any negative behaviours because of this.

  4. Devin

    My cat loves this. Have never had a hard time giving it to her. Have given it to her on her food but she prefers it given right in her mouth. Sits there and opens her mouth for it. Haven’t seen her play like she has in years. Thank you 🙂

  5. Emily

    This helps ease the evening scraps between my boys. They are very rowdy, this helps them have safer fun.

  6. Vanessa

    This was a game changer for my senior cat!! She’s 15 with stage 3 kidney disease and severe degenerative arthritis. She was hiding a lot, barely ate, was vomitting, did not want pets, did not want to play and was licking her belly obsessively to the point of losing her hair (trying to lick the pain away..)

    I talked to her vet to confirm I could use CBD with her current medication cocktail and we figured out the right dosage. I have been giving her 4 drops morning and night mixed in this amazing vet senior care soft food (I swear, it smells so good, I’d consider eating it myself).

    My girl is now playing again, cuddling, she stopped licking her belly obsessively and the hair has grown back! She even got her night crazies again! She walks with more confidence and doesn’t hide anymore. And her appetite is back!! She’s back to her old self and I swear by this product. AND!! She looooves it too! If she could, she’d beat me up to get to it! The *screams* of anticipation are like music to my ear!

    Excellent product!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  7. Sarah

    Kitty loved this flavour, and was much more chill after 2 doses. I will keep using this with my cat for sure.

  8. Susan

    My cat is 19. She’s only been on this a week and i think I see a little pep in her step. Hopefully this will make whatever time she has left more comfortable.

  9. Cory

    My cat is 15 years old, doesnt move the way he used to thats for sure, but he loves this stuff and it seems to get him going a bit more during the day. Definitely going to be getting more when it runs out!

  10. Anonymous

    My cat’s moving like he’s 5 years younger. Wow! Thanks Apawthecary!

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