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Sherb Quake Information

Sherb Quake, often simply referred to as “Quake,” stands out for its unique lineage and impressive potency. This strain is the product of two potent parents – Sunset Sherbet and Ice Cream Cake – resulting in an 80% Indica-dominant strain. Its THC content typically ranges in the upper echelons, often reaching levels of around 24%, a testament to its robust parent strains.


Visually, this strain’s buds large and dense, boasting a round structure with a pleasant mix of forest green hues accented with vibrant orange hairs. Aromatically, Sherb Quake offers a pleasing combination of sweet berry aromas, underpinned by a subtle earthy note. On the palate, this strain surprises with a burst of fruity sweetness, followed by a slight hint of earthiness, making for a complex and layered flavour profile. All these qualities combined make Sherb Quake a compelling choice for those who enjoy a robust, well-rounded cannabis experience.


A Burst of Sensations: Sherb Quake’s Taste and Smell


Sherb Quake truly lives up to its name when it comes to its flavour profile. The first whiff brings a fragrant medley of fruity sweetness, evoking memories of biting into ripe berries on a warm summer day. As the name suggests, an unmistakable sherbet undertone adds a refreshing zest that livens up the bouquet.


When lit, Sherb Quake truly shines. It introduces a complex flavour palette, a fusion of tangy fruitiness and creamy sweetness that melts on the tongue, much like a spoonful of rich, homemade ice cream. This irresistible flavour combination makes every puff a mouth-watering delight.


Tremors of Delight: Exploring Sherb Quake’s Effects


Sherb Quake’s effects resonate much like its namesake, quaking your world with a pleasant mix of soothing relaxation. As a strain with a THC content that frequently ranges above 20%, sometimes topping at 31%, Sherb Quake delivers a potent experience.


In terms of when to enjoy Sherb Quake, it is a strain that can fit comfortably into either a late afternoon or an evening routine. Its Indica properties also make it a delightful companion for a tranquil night in.


Ripples of Radiance: The Visual Appeal of Sherb Quake


A visual marvel in its own right, Sherb Quake presents a compelling tableau of colours and shapes. The buds typically grow to a medium size, with a dense structure that hints at the strain’s Indica lineage. They often resemble chunky spades or tightly-wound pinecones, adding an intriguing aesthetic charm.


The visual dance of Sherb Quake is further intensified by its vibrant colour palette. The buds are decorated with a mesmerizing mix of deep forest green and flashes of royal purple. Dashes of fiery orange hairs (pistils) enliven the scenery, creating a stunning contrast. This colourful spectacle is embellished by a generous frosting of sparkling white trichomes, making the buds look as though they’ve been dusted with the first snowfall of winter.


1 review for Sherb Quake

  1. Deryk

    Sherb Quake has a sweet and fruity aroma, with hints of grape and berry. The buds are dense and frosty, with purple and orange hairs. The smoke is smooth and flavorful, with a creamy and earthy taste.

    The effects are fast and powerful, hitting you with a wave of euphoria and relaxation. Sherb Quake is great for relieving stress, pain, insomnia, and depression. It also stimulates creativity and appetite, making it a good choice for artists and foodies. However, it can also cause dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, and drowsiness in high doses.

    Sherb Quake is one of my favorite strains to smoke when I want to unwind and enjoy myself. It always puts me in a good mood and makes me feel happy and relaxed. I would recommend it to anyone who likes strong hybrids with a delicious flavor and aroma.

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