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Shishkaberry ★ Reserve Information

Please note: There are a few seeds in the occasional cannabis bud, these seeds sell for $10+ on other sites, keep them and plant them next spring! The Buds are still coated in crystal and taste amazing.

Our Reserve strain of Shishkaberry focuses on retaining the absolute best terpene profile, so you can enjoy the exact flavour profile of its genetics. With our Reserve strain, you have found the highest quality weed on the market.

Our technique and dedication of choosing the right flowers for our Shishkaberry Reserve cannabis strain are one of a kind. We dedicate our attention towards finding the utmost best buds of a cannabis plant, then carefully harvested and prepared. The plant is taken through a special drying and curing process in order to secure an immaculate end product. There is no wonder as to why our craft reserve strains are any cannabis lover’s dream and greatest prize.

Strain Information

Shishkaberry is the 2nd place winner of the Best Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2001.  This cannabis plant is an Indica-dominant hybrid, containing about 80% Indica and about 20% Sativa.

It is ideal for a lazy late afternoon or nighttime use. Its high THC levels are known to average around 18% but can go as high as 26%. It is not generally recommended for novice users, but small doses might be a good choice for sensitive users as well.

Shishkaberry is famous for its sweet fruity smelling profile. It is considered to be one of the best among the strains and it is known to have a potent pungent berry smell in harmony with an earthy undertone. 

But its fragrance is not the only attraction. When inhaled, users tend to taste the same sweet fruity berry flavour. Upon exhalation, one might experience a small hint of earthy and herbal taste. 

The structure of this cannabis strain features long, dense and thick nugs. These showcase shades of purple covered in the generosity of crystal-like trichomes.

Shishkaberry: Health Benefits and Effects

The high of this cannabis strain is known to start out by lifting the user up into a blissful, and euphoric state. The first part of the high can help one let go of tension and worry by loosening up and just have lots of fun during a social set-up. The second part of the high that follows generally provides deep and meaningful relaxation.

The effects at the beginning stages of the high that start out with the cerebral rush, tend to leave its user in a focused, happy, and uplifted state. This effect will turn into a body high that usually translates into potent sedation. This usually causes a couch-lock effect, and this is when any type of productivity goes out the window. The high tends to wrap it up with very restful and peaceful sleep. Those suffering from insomnia do appreciate this closing act of the high.

Because of its beneficial properties, our Reserve strain of Shishkaberry is often used by medical patients to bring immediate relief to stress and insomnia. This hybrid can be very effective in helping those who experience general body pain, including headaches, muscle tensions and body aches. It has also proven to be a very powerful aid for people suffering from chronic conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease. Due to some medical conditions and the difficulties they cause, many patients tend to have a hard time being productive and checking things off their to-do list. This strain has helped many of these patients by enabling them to become more productive.

Dealing with stress is one of the top medical uses of this cannabis strain. This also results in significantly reducing the symptoms of mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

The best part about this cannabis strain is that it is accessible to those wanting to experience all the benefits it can offer. You can easily buy Shishkaberry online in Canada.


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