Skywalker Alien (Mediums)

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Skywalker Alien (Mediums) Information

Skywalker Alien offers a highly relaxing experience coupled with a euphoric high. With about 75% Indica and higher THC levels that generally average around 28% (can vary based on batch), the potency and effects of this strain can hardly disappoint. Its mood-boosting effects may dim the symptoms of depression allowing your overall state to thrive on positivity, motivation, and happy feels.


Its flavour profile might not always be for everyone as it carries pungent notes of pepper and chemicals. But the potent pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing properties are appreciated by many cannabis users suffering from a variety of health struggles, including muscle spasms, chronic pain, arthritis, and phantom pain limb.


Canceling The Date With Pain


Skywalker Alien can have a rougher smoke that can induce coughing for some users, but this strain is still widely used and loved for its potent and long-lasting pain-relieving effects. With very high THC levels that tend to average around 28%, this bud can place you in a state of soothing relaxation.


Inflammation-Reducing and Pain-Relieving Properties. These effects of Skywalker Alien make this strain a highly beneficial remedy for those living in pain caused by a myriad of medical conditions. The physical high of this marijuana plant may ease symptoms of migraines, arthritis, phantom pain limb, back pain, nerve-related pain, and muscle cramps.


Reducing Nausea. Skywalker Alien may reduce nausea, even the more severe ones caused by chemotherapy.


Appetite-Inducing. Oftentimes with the presence of pain, it is hard to keep your appetite. This cannabis strain, as it soothes your pain levels, also boosts your appetite so you can get the nutrition you need for higher levels of energy.


Depression. The beginning stages of this high is euphoric, offering a boost in your mood while erasing the negative and crippling symptoms of depression and chronic stress. Skywalker Alien can help you feel uplifted, positive, and more motivated.


A Great Evening Strain


Skywalker Alien is best suited for evening use. This strain is recommended for experienced users who are used to the strong effects of marijuana buds. A higher dosage of this strain can cause a couch-lock effect as it works its wonders replacing your pain with a soothing and comforting sensation.


If you can get past the aroma and taste of this strain with stronger notes of pepper and chemicals, you will be left feeling grateful for its potent effects that can transform your evening into a pleasant time followed by a comforting sleep.

2 reviews for Skywalker Alien (Mediums)

  1. Eric

    pretty good sized nuggets for a “medium” I’d buy again – better than smalls unless you’re making edibles in my opinion

  2. Drake

    First time trying Skywalker Alien and I’m not disappointed. The smell is off the charts, not so much super dank however it’s very loud. It’s reminds me of Wedding cheesecake. The nugs were all varied in size, which is a positive for me. Makes it more fun to find the big nugs. However I do have one complaint, which is why this isn’t getting 5⭐. In the oz I received I did notice a lot over extra stems and trim just loose in the bag. Not a big deal bit kind of annoying having to pluck them out. Other than that to I would recommend trying this strain. It’s quite unique and in my experience, very relaxing.

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