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Sour Kush Information

Sour Kush has the genetics of about 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. Even though its content carries higher levels of Indica, this cannabis strain is oftentimes used during the daytime because it delivers impressive well-rounded benefits.

Its THC levels generally average around 21%, but they can be as high as 26%, so be mindful of the dosage you consume. Sour Kush was created by crossing OG Kush with Sour Diesel and it is known to provide an energising high coupled with euphoria, feelings of happiness, and soothing relaxation.

Impressive Medicinal Properties

Sour Kush does more than just boost your mood into a state of elevation and positive energy. It can be highly effective in reducing the burdensome symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, leaving the user feeling relaxed and uplifted.

This strain, due to its potent pain-relieving properties, can help those suffering from a variety of physical pains and aches, such as headaches, migraines, muscle cramps, and even neuropathic pains. With the right dosage, your body will feel relaxed and energised, but if you consume a higher dosage of Sour Kush while having lower tolerance levels, you may enter couch-lock mode.

Sour Kush is known to stimulate appetite, so it could be a beneficial strain for those struggling with a variety of eating disorders. The goodness and effectiveness of this weed don’t stop here. In many medicinal cases, Sour Kush has risen to the task of alleviating symptoms of PMS and Gastrointestinal Disorder.

An Unforgettable Pungent Aroma

Sour Kush doesn’t only show its strength in its effects and benefits, but it also showcases a pungent aroma that is quite unforgettable. Its sweet citrusy fragrance is very potent, so make sure you keep it sealed tight. The taste of this marijuana can be spicy with highlights of citrus and an aftertaste of diesel.

The appearance of Sour Kush is one of simplicity and elegance. It features dense nuggets that are dense and shaped like cones. Its leaves are dark green that sometimes showcases shades of purple. Thick and generous layers of trichomes cover the whole plant, but underneath orange pistils make their appearance known even so.

When the buds of Sour Kush are properly dried, they can be broken up into a crunchy and thick powder that offers a delicious and crisp smoke. You can easily enjoy the smoke of this cannabis, but you might want to do so outside.

8 reviews for Sour Kush

  1. Line

    will definitely buy again

  2. Cassie

    really great weed. would buy again for sure. love the price and how it smokes. Not sour but smells sour which is nice. weed is always nice and fresh but dries out quickly for smoking. i recommend this one to everyone that asks. really good reall good!

  3. Jeremy

    Potent with a relatively high level of THC yet balanced, which is exactly what I am looking for in a hybrid. In addition to this it also looks, smells, and tastes great. The way it crumbles lends itself well to rolling a smoothe smokable joint. Would recommend.

  4. John David

    This strain was nosalgic for me – on the inhale you have a nice punchy fruity flavour and on exhale the traditional earthy Kush flavour. It hits you right in the chest with a nice leg up from the sour diesel, a great hybrid flower that presents well, good size medium nugz. On the stronger side of the hybrid strains with thc somewhere between 22-27%

    This one has been on my regular order for well over a year now – great smoke

  5. mathieu

    The potency is there but not enough of a lemon taste that I was looking for in this weed.More of an earthy tone than sour I would say.

  6. Maude

    A great and uplifting strain. I found that I was able to be up and around without that couch locking stone that kush can usually give me. With the new hybrids of Kush, I find that I am able to use them during the day! Instead of only at night. The powerful pain relief of OG Kush and the uplifting, giggly buzz of Sour Diesel. What a great mix!! Don’t change, Sour Kush. Stay just like you are. it’s perfect for depression and/or a social smoke. Not energetic but not quite couch locked either – just fun. Watch out for some munchies though.

  7. Morgan

    This one has a good balance of sativa and indica traits. Nice size nugz and burns fine. Some strains stand out more than others this one is just ok.

  8. Guillaume

    I really appreciated it, the strength is good and the taste too, we laughed a lot in the forest .. I will recommend for sure

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