Strawberry Banana

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70% Indica Dominant Hybrid

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Strawberry Banana Information

Fruity and utterly delicious, Strawberry Banana is a strongly Indica dominant hybrid strain – usually around 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. The strain was developed inside the super famous Serious Seeds Farms and is a cross between the perhaps even more famous strains called Strawberry Bubblegum and Crocket’s Banana Kush.

With such well-known and tasty parents, it’s no wonder that this is a dank bud with an average THC level that ranges somewhere between 22 and 26%. Its effects are well-balanced and have been described as euphoric and uplifting.

A cerebral high that starts very mildly

Strawberry Banana is more impressive when it comes to the head high. It starts off mildly, as more of a buzz, but it may slowly build into an intense head high that will give you feelings of euphoria. Users describe this high as being very cerebral and uplifting but also as one that will allow you to relax and focus on your daily tasks.

The body high is mild and it can feel more like a warming buzz all throughout accompanied by a full relief. It may make you feel slightly sedated and as if you want to rest for a while on the couch. Most users also report that Strawberry Banana causes a moderate case of the munchies.

As a result, you might use this strain in case you suffer from appetite loss, depression, pain, fatigue, or stress.

All about the taste

Apart from the many benefits, if you buy Strawberry Banana online, you will also be able to enjoy its delicious taste that has made this strain so famous. Precisely as its name suggests, the nugs smell and taste of intoxicatingly sweet strawberry and sugar-sweet banana on the exhale.

When you buy Strawberry Banana look for nugs that are bright neon green with long and twisty dark orange hairs. The nugs are fluffy and shaped like popcorn. They are also very sticky being coated in a very thick layer of large crystal white trichomes as well as sweet sticky resin. The crystals almost resemble sugar and make the nugs adhere to surfaces.

If the taste and the amazing head high are not enough, one of the main reasons to buy Strawberry Banana online is that, as a true connoisseur, you have to try it at least once. But you might just end up falling in love with it.

4 reviews for Strawberry Banana

  1. Ireland

    I had to buy this one because I had this strain a couple years ago and have been trying to find it ever since. It honestly lived up to the amazing memories I had of it! This one has a very strong gassy but also at the same time a light fruity smell. Very big buds. I work at a government dispensary and this strain apparently has the stamp of approval from all of my coworkers haha!! Definitely a must try.

  2. Randall

    Strawberry Banana was nice. I found the high wasn’t long lasting but it was still pretty good. It was a nice fruity flavor

  3. Jazmin

    A nice high. Found it didn’t last very long and wasn’t overly strong

  4. Eleni

    This one is very tasty!

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