Super Lemon Haze

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80% Sativa dominant hybrid

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Super Lemon Haze Information

What do you get when you combine a diverse cannabinoid profile, potent effects, and unbeatable citrus flavour? Super Lemon Haze is a unique trifecta among cannabis strains. A faint scent of this plant instantly assails the nose with its powerful scent dominated by fruity flavours cut with spicy tones. Its flavour is perfect for a quick, single hit from a pipe or a long toke on a joint or blunt.

As a hearty Sativa, Super Lemon Haze exhibits stimulating effects like euphoria and boosted sociability. Boasting a high THC concentration and respectable CBD content, Super Lemon Haze also utilizes the Entourage Effect to empower its traits. This strain is best used in the beginning of the day for best effects.

What Does Super Lemon Haze Do?

Super Lemon Haze’s genetics are highly Sativa dominant. As a result, it emphasizes the uplifting properties cannabis may provide. It features a cerebral high that can inspire creativity in musicians or artists. It also may help heighten sociability, making it great for parties or other social events. Those same properties make Super Lemon Haze ill-suited for nighttime use, however. Its euphoric rush can make it difficult for some smokers to fall asleep.

Super Lemon Haze may also have some health benefits. Some research suggests that cannabis can help reduce inflammation, boost appetite, improve sleep quality, and eliminate stress. Super Lemon Haze’s high CBD content means that this strain can utilize a phenomenon called the Entourage Effect.

Essentially, the presence of multiple cannabinoids within a strain can cause its effects to become more powerful. That means Super Lemon Haze, with its diverse cannabinoid profile, may be especially adept and combating the effects of issues like insomnia, arthritis, or stress and anxiety disorders.

What Does Super Lemon Haze Look and Smell Like?

As its name would suggest, the first thing that stands about Super Lemon Haze’s aroma is its powerful citrus scent. The bold, sour smell of lemon cuts through this strain’s terpene profile, followed up by the sweeter, rounder sweetness of other fruit. Its final push of peppery and herbal aromas gives Super Lemon Haze a sharp edge that tingles the sinuses.

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