Supremium Pre-Rolls

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6 x 0.5g Pre-Rolled Joints


Supremium Pre-Rolls Information

Sometimes you don’t have enough time to roll a joint. Or maybe you don’t have all the things you need for you. Or maybe you’re a beginner who simply hasn’t mastered yet the art of rolling as well as the best of them. You needn’t worry. The Supremium brand is here to lend a helping hand in any of these situations with their Pre-Rolls packs.

Every Supremium Pre-Rolls pack contains 6 cones that have already been rolled out for you, as the name suggests, which makes using them easy, fun, and extremely discreet. The cones are made of 100% flower, they are never shaken, filtered, super thin, unbleached, and unrefined.

How much am I getting?

If we are to talk grams, every Supremium Pre Roll is 0.5 grams in size. Each pack has 6 cones in total, making the net weight 3 grams. You won’t even feel it in your pocket.

Speaking of which, if you buy the Supremium Pre-Rolls online, they come in a very easy to use Press-n-Pull pack. It’s sleek, can be used with one hand if you’re on the go and, more importantly, it has been equipped with childproof technology.

The pack in itself is super cool looking. It comes in different colours because you can buy Supremium Pre-Rolls online in different options. The pack is also very durable. Therefore, if you have an active lifestyle that is always on the go, you won’t have to worry about it or the Pre Rolls getting damaged. Simply throw it in your backpack or put it in your pocket and you can be out the door!

What options can I choose from?

You can buy Supremium Pre-Rolls online in many strains. Sativa Supremium Pre-Rolls come in Strawberry Cough, Lemon Haze, and Pineapple Thai. Indica Supremium Pre-Rolls come in Death Bubba, Tuna Kush, Purple Kush, Rockstar, and Violator. Hybrid Supremium Pre-Rolls come in Girl Scout Cookie, Hawaiian Cookies, and Gorilla Glue. All you have to do is pick your favourite as well as your favourite cannabis strain and give it a go.

8 reviews for Supremium Pre-Rolls

  1. Melissa

    Great packaging and super convenient. Good quality weed. Have purchased multiple different packs and only took a star off because one pack had a damaged joint that I had to patch with rolling paper and in the Juicy Fruit pack all the joints were very loosely packed and definitely didn’t have the proper weight in each joint to the point where the joints basically fell apart and I had to keep relighting it while smoking.

  2. Antoine

    The packaging is really nice and the weed is dank

  3. Rachel

    Nicely rolled js, great case and smoke. Would purchase again!

  4. Eleni

    Always add a pack of these to my order. They are awesome and so convenient. Strains are all top knotch.

  5. Eleni

    Delicious and potent!

  6. Jacqueline

    Black tuna is a must try for the seasoned smoker

  7. Bonnie

    Great set of joints. The case is great for protection. High quality weed. Black tuna is very potent, loved it.

  8. Brian

    Convenient case for j’s. The cannabis is pretty tasty and burned clean. I’m looking forward to trying more strains.

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