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Supremium Pre-Rolls Information

Sometimes you don’t have enough time to roll a joint. Or maybe you don’t have all the things you need for you. Or maybe you’re a beginner who simply hasn’t mastered yet the art of rolling as well as the best of them. You needn’t worry. The Supremium brand is here to lend a helping hand in any of these situations with their Pre-Rolls packs.

Every Supremium Pre-Rolls pack contains 6 cones that have already been rolled out for you, as the name suggests, which makes using them easy, fun, and extremely discreet. The cones are made of 100% flower, they are never shaken, filtered, super thin, unbleached, and unrefined.

How much am I getting?

If we are to talk grams, every Supremium Pre Roll is 0.5 grams in size. Each pack has 6 cones in total, making the net weight 3 grams. You won’t even feel it in your pocket.

Speaking of which, if you buy the Supremium Pre-Rolls online, they come in a very easy to use Press-n-Pull pack. It’s sleek, can be used with one hand if you’re on the go and, more importantly, it has been equipped with childproof technology.

The pack in itself is super cool looking. It comes in different colours because you can buy Supremium Pre-Rolls online in different options. The pack is also very durable. Therefore, if you have an active lifestyle that is always on the go, you won’t have to worry about it or the Pre Rolls getting damaged. Simply throw it in your backpack or put it in your pocket and you can be out the door!

What options can I choose from?

You can buy Supremium Pre-Rolls online in many strains. Sativa Supremium Pre-Rolls come in Strawberry Cough, Lemon Haze, and Pineapple Thai. Indica Supremium Pre-Rolls come in Death Bubba, Tuna Kush, Purple Kush, Rockstar, and Violator. Hybrid Supremium Pre-Rolls come in Girl Scout Cookie, Hawaiian Cookies, and Gorilla Glue. All you have to do is pick your favourite as well as your favourite cannabis strain and give it a go.

20 reviews for Supremium Pre-Rolls

  1. Cassie

    really great rolls! . not over powering but still got me very high. tastes very good as well The price is wonderful. I would try it if i were you! I feel like this may be my favorite out of all the types i’ve gotten from this website. 4/5 star! doesnt make you over think, a real nice release! super convenient to take around with you

  2. Clay

    Finding the best pre rolls is a joy in itself. For those who are challenged with their rolling skills, messing up when rolling a joint yourself is easy. When trying to prepare a joint, you might not grind your buds properly or not evenly distribute it across the paper. It’s all a waste of time and money! With Super Premiums pre rolls, you’re dealing with top-shelf products, tightly rolled for a smooth smoke every time. I’ve yet to try all of their flavors, but look forward to continue the quest.

  3. Dan

    They were way too strong for a softie like me. Though I loved the case, I got compliments on it.

  4. John David

    I typically roll my own flower but I ordered these just for convenience when I need to sneak a quick bat – at 0.5g these are the perfect quickie and with the variety of strains available on here, you really can’t go wrong. Skip the dispensary and go for these guys, the packaging holds up well and it is a great pick for when you’re on-the-go.

    Flavour holds up nicely through the burn and the quality of the roll was consistent, filters don’t fall out and no issues with runs on the paper.

  5. Sean

    Nice quality pre-rolls. Great for the price, much cheaper than what the dispensaries offer. Smooth, with some nice flavours and a crisp burn. Packaging is tight, and kept humid with a humidifier pack. 5/5.

  6. Viviane

    A nice way to share with friends during vacations

  7. Carol

    I buy these for my husband and he loves them! He says too much because he goes through them too quickly but he can’t resist, they’re that good. So convenient and nicely rolled. I get different strains so he has variety now and then, plus you can’t beat the price! Def recommend!!

  8. Brad

    great quality, love the ease.

  9. Rebecca

    Sometimes they get smooshed in the packaging, and I’ve had to re-roll them a few times because of it. It could be because of the way you have to open the package…it’s not very intuitive.
    The joints themselves have all been pretty good. I’ve been satisfied with these, but like the other pre-rolls from MMJ more.

  10. Jeremy

    Literally my favorite pre-rolls. Great for on the go, with an easy to use case. Many great choices for the bud, my favourite is northern lights, I always buy that if it’s in stock.
    Well rolled joints, nice come shape.

  11. Trevor

    Nice prerolls. The filter was just the right amount, not too tight. The herb was packed to a good consistency, and not too fine that it was coming thru the filter.
    The package was also nice because it doesn’t crush easily, and a little more discrete than a tube like others do.
    10/10 would order again!

  12. Andres

    Love the slidng box that the pre-rolls come in.
    Great bud, burns extremely well and the effects were relaxing

  13. Heather

    Loved the packaging for this product. I don’t smoke cannabis often but when I do, I prefer to not have to roll my own joints.

    I plan to try more flavours in this brand as so far I believe I’ve stuck with the Girl Scout Cookies one.

    I do find that the smell is rather pungent with these than with others that I’ve tried. That could just be the strain through, and being sort of new I might just not have enough experience with different types.

    Still have it a five because it works well for me.

  14. Debra

    these were so dang delicious … I was VERY happy with this high. very euphoric and happy with a side of giggles 🙂

  15. Jonathan

    I like the case more than the pre rolls. The main issue is due to their cone shape, the area near the filter right at the beginning is so thin it always bends at that point. You have to handle them real lightly.

  16. Madeleine

    I love a pre-roll and thought I would give these a try! They were packaged nicely and were a nice size, but pretty dry and the effects were pretty weak and not worth it for me. I would recommend if you are looking for something with light effects and enjoy the ease of a pre roll, but I likely won’t be buying again.

  17. Lindsey

    Great product and didn’t come super dry. Loved how convenient it was and how well rolled it was too!

  18. Sarah

    These were well-rolled and well constructed joints, they burned clean from start to finish and the filter was nice and not too restrictive. Honestly, I most loved the plastic case it came in, I kept it to put my other joints in. It’s sleek and childproof and I like the label. The potency wasn’t the top feature, but for sure very good quality pre-rolls.

  19. Kim

    Great packaging , nicely rolled , great quality and size !

  20. Elizabeth

    Love the packaging!

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