THC Bath Salts by Island Therapeutics

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THC Bath Salts by Island Therapeutics Information

Imagine sinking into a warm bath, enveloped by a soothing blend of fragrances, while your body relaxes deeper with each passing minute. This is the experience offered by Island Therapeutics’ CBD Bath Salts. Packaged in 500mg containers with a powerful 200mg of CBD, a 20-minute soak is all it takes to experience deep relaxation, soothing calm, and a sense of comfort that lingers long after the bath.

Offering not just one, but three distinct blends, Island Therapeutics invites you to tailor your bath-time experience to your current state of mind. Your choices include the Relaxation Blend, the Rejuvenation Blend, and the Intimate Blend. Best of all, each bath requires just 1/4 cup of these salts, translating to a therapeutic 25mg dose of CBD per bath.

Embrace Your Mood: Three Choices for the Perfect Soak

Island Therapeutics takes pride in their commitment to creating organic, high-quality, locally-sourced CBD products, and their bath salts are no exception. Each blend provides a unique sensory experience tailored to a specific mood or need. 

The Rejuvenation Blend is a mix of lemon and rose essential oils, designed to cleanse, uplift, and rejuvenate. If you seek a calming and deeply relaxing experience, opt for the Relaxation Blend with lavender and rose essential oils. Finally, the Intimate Blend uses Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood essential oils to create an atmosphere of relaxation and upliftment. 

Each blend is hand-crafted using the finest natural and local ingredients, encapsulating the very essence of what Island Therapeutics stands for.

Soothing Harmony: CBD and Epsom Salts Unite 

The secret to the potency of Island Therapeutics’ bath salts lies in their masterful blending of CBD with magnesium-rich Epsom salts. This fusion creates a bath soak designed to promote deep relaxation. 

The CBD infuses the bathwater, creating a full-body topical application that allows for maximum absorption. Paired with the soothing and muscle-relaxing qualities of Epsom salts, this combination becomes a gentle yet powerful way to unwind.

Dive in: How to Enjoy Your CBD Bath Salts 

Using these CBD-infused bath salts is as easy as adding approximately 1/4 cup to your running bath water. This simple step transforms your bath into a luxurious soak that delivers the benefits of 25mg of CBD directly to your body. 

To enjoy the full effects, make sure you soak for at least 20 minutes. This will allow enough time for your body to absorb the CBD and for the Epsom salts to soothe and relax your muscles. Remember, this is your time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the experience – so don’t rush!

In the end, Island Therapeutics’ CBD Bath Salts are not just a product, but an experience. They With these three distinct blends, every bath can become a personal oasis of relaxation tailored to your needs and desires.


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