THC Distillate by Pegasus

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1ml Syringe

90-95% THC content

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THC Distillate by Pegasus Information

Pegasus is the new big deal in the world of cannabis that provides top tier quality in their products and delivers a top-notch experience to its consumers. Founded in Vancouver, Pegasus 420 is dedicated to satisfying its users, whether they are new or very experienced, with delightful flavours and highly effective benefits. 

THC Distillate by Pegasus carries about 90-95% THC content in its 1 ml Syringe. This form of cannabis is one of the purest forms in comparison to all other marijuana products on the market. Due to its high THC content, this concentrate is extremely powerful and potent that offers a variety of effects and health benefits. 

Its supreme quality will leave you craving for more. THC Distillate by Pegasus is a perfect product for both recreational and medicinal purposes due to its incredible purity and potency. It is a potential treatment for chronic pain, body aches, depression and other serious health conditions, such as PTSD, or ADHD. It is often used by those dealing with muscle spasticity, insomnia, low appetite, nausea, anxiety and glaucoma.

This concentrate is extremely potent, and because it is low-key and discrete due to the fact that it has no odour, taste or colour, it won’t draw any attention. This makes it very easy to use in public spaces, social get-togethers, or even at your workplace. You can easily use it sublingually, in a vaping pen or dabbing. Buy THC Distillate by Pegasus online in Canada to go about your day worry-free, pain-free and stress-free, anywhere and anytime.

2 reviews for THC Distillate by Pegasus

  1. Donna

    The syringe is a very convenient way of application!

  2. Patrick

    5star medical healing with this product !

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