Tom Ford Pink Kush

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90% Indica dominant


Tom Ford Pink Kush Information

Get ready to experience something else entirely. Tom Ford Pink Kush, also known by a slew of names like Island Pink, Super Pink, or TFPK, is a rare indica-dominant hybrid. Its origins are shrouded in mystery. Very few people know exactly what two plants were crossed to make this pink wonder – and anyone who does isn’t talking.

What we can ascertain about this strain is its insane THC concentration. It regularly reaches 23-25 percent, although some smokers have reported that their particular batches reach 35 percent THC and above. Its potency isn’t the only thing Tom For Pink Kush has going for it, though. It also features an unbelievable taste, an amalgamation of so many flavours that it’s hard to pick out individual facets. Don’t miss your chance to experience this rare strain – you may not find it again.

What Does Tom Ford Pink Kush Look and Smell Like?

The first time you smell Tom Ford Pink Kush, you may not even realize it’s weed. It combines citrus, herbal sour, and sweet aromas with the unmistakable earthy smell of Kush strains. It’s a complex flavour profile, featuring several different (and sometimes diametrically-opposed) tastes. However, Tom Ford Pink Kush makes it work, combining these facets into a unique, winning smell.

Visually, Tom Ford Pink Kush might be one of the most appealing strains we’ve ever seen. Myriad hues, including pink, red, purple, blue, and green adorn this strain’s buds, a far cry from the normal forest green that many strains settle for. A protective screen of trichome crystals covers the plants, readily adhering to fingers or anything else it contacts.

What Is Tom Ford Pink Kush’s High Like?

Considering how high its THC concentration is, it’s no surprise that Tom Ford Pink Kush boasts a powerful high that emphasizes both indica and sativa effects. Smokers report that it makes them feel euphoric and happy. However, it’s not overstimulating, and some smokers may even smoke themselves to sleep if they’re not careful. Medical patients will be pleased to know that users report it may relieve chronic pain and inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and more.

22 reviews for Tom Ford Pink Kush

  1. Andrea

    Tom Ford Pink Kush is a very surprising strong strain. It’s great for when you want to switch back and forth with something else just to keep the buzz stronger. I like to mix and match with Bluefin Tuna Kush.I have had as strong as 28% with TFPK…

  2. Colborn

    Never disappoints with taste or effect, always a go to!

  3. Victor

    One of my all time favourite strains for nighttime use. Insomnia = instantly cured. 🥇👍🏽 🛌 😴 This one really gives you the munchies too!🍪🍫

    This is a very very potent and high quality strain and the effects last for hours. This one provides full body relaxation, relief from moderate-severe pain, a big boost in appetite, puts you to sleep and keeps you sleeping all night! 🛌 💭 ⏰ Unless you wake up for more snacks, that is! 🤣🥨🍜🍦

  4. Jason

    Not as strong as I had wanted. But when grown right can be very good. I will try again in future.

  5. Derek

    Looks amazing tastes even better.
    Old school kushy taste like it should be.
    Get ready to sit back relax and enjoy your couch.

  6. Karim

    Designer kush for sure, just like the name.

  7. Paula

    One of the best I have ever smoked. Longest lasting daytime high.

  8. Ryan

    Potent indica bud. Super tasty, smelly and nice looking buds. One of my favourite strains. Never disappoints

  9. Georgia

    Great strain, have bought before and will buy again. It is not my favorite pink kush from MMJ, and I find it does not quite hit as hard. That being said, the bud is great quality, burns well, tastes good and I thoroughly enjoy this product. Would recommend to a friend.

  10. Brandon

    Easily the strongest and longest lasting indica strain I have ever tried, not to mention the best Pink Kush. And even in large amounts, very little paranoid/anxiety. My only complaint is that it isn’t always available. I would could probably smoke this the rest of my life.

  11. Hector

    This is by far the best TFPK I’ve had yet. The smell is very giving. It has that old-school Knock you on your ass left hook. I don’t know what (Alexandre – October 14, 2020) received but the product I got is killer. I smoked it and it hit the head instantly. thoughts got cloudy which got me in a miner situation with wifey cause I kept rewinding the movie back to make out what was going on. Causing Wifey to leave to the other room to finish the movie by herself. lol, when she came back to ask me what I thought about the movie I was in Nappy lands. A little pricey but when you smoke it you know where the money went. 4 Stars. Based on all the buds I’ve ever smoked. When I can afford to will buy again.

  12. Fadi

    Pretty dank and dense

  13. Angelina

    Great product. It’s my go-to for evening relaxing. Great taste, smooth, nice aroma. Full-body and cognitive euphoria and creates a total relaxed state.

  14. Jessica

    I love Pink Kush as an indica for bed time, and the Tom Ford Pink Kush is not disappointing! Really heavy, foggy high that I love for relaxing. Favourite

  15. Giuseppe

    The smell and taste of this strain is quite simply, amazing. smokes and hits just as you would want a member of the Pink Kush family to do. This strain to really help me relax after very busy days of work. It helped to take away the chronic aches and pains and allowed for a full night of sleep. 5 out of 5! This would be a definite repeat purchase.

  16. Kerry

    One of my favourites, a very balanced strain. Easy smoking and tastes great, helps relieve many of my conditions including arthritis and allows for some good couch time.

  17. Terry

    Fantastic, one of the best strains you can get. Great, solid high, and smooth taste and finish. My go to purchase for sure!

  18. Kathleen

    I’m drawn to anything referenced with pink and kush, so when I saw the strain labeled Tom Ford Pink Kush…I knew i was onto something special. The taste from the first pull is mouth watering and so reminiscent of the finest pink. Divine. For four years I have been consistently pleased with MMJ, their products and the customer service. Sincerely Kathleen

  19. Alexandre

    I honestly didnt like this one,
    Was verry moderate,
    Wont buy this one again unfortunately,
    I like strong stuff and this was a big meh!

  20. Ryan

    Nice bedtime smoke. Hits hard so don’t plan to get much accomplished after lighting up. Would definitely recommend!

  21. Justin

    This stuff rocked me. Enjoy!!!??

  22. Reginald

    Top notch puff!!!

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