Tropicanna Cookies

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70% Sativa Dominant Hybrid

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Tropicanna Cookies Information

Tropicanna Cookies is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain. It is known to contain approximately 60-70% Sativa and 30-40% Indica. It is a perfect and favourite go-to choice for morning and afternoon usage.

Tropicanna Cookies, has round and thick nugs that showcase a darker shade of green for its base. It is decorated with orange pistils and bright, white, crystal-like trichomes, that provide an elegant touch. It prides herself with an aroma profile that features a sweet and sour flavour, with hints of berries and herbs.

Although the lineage of this cannabis strain is under discussion still, some breeders say that Tropicanna Cookies is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie. One thing is for sure though. This cannabis strain is known for its sweet taste with tropical, citrus, fruity and earthy undertones.

The Beneficial Effects of Tropicanna Cookies

This cannabis strain is reported to provide a high that blasts its user into a euphoric, energized and focused state. The effects Tropicana Cookies delivers can last for a significantly long period of time. This equips its users with a highly productive mental state that will make it easy and enjoyable to stay on the tasks at hand and get the needed, and desired results.

The mind-clearing and empowering effects that Tropicana Cookies can offer is one of the main reasons why so many users turn to this cannabis strain, including those looking for help with some mentally challenging situations. Even just a smaller amount of this hybrid can effectively help those dealing with ADD and ADHD and the effects and difficulties they cause on a daily basis.

This cannabis bud is often used to treat a myriad of conditions, such as chronic stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, PTSD and even hypertension. Physical pain can also be minimized by the beneficial properties of Tropicanna Cookies.

This strain is also recommended to those struggling with a loss of appetite. Consuming her before a meal may increase the hunger levels and liven up the sense of appetite.

Due to its cerebral energizing and focus-inducing benefits, this cannabis strain pairs well with working on and completing projects and tasks that require a brainstorming process, creative ideas, problem-solving necessities and impressive end results.

To enjoy all the marvellous benefits this hybrid can offer, you can buy Tropicanna Cookies online in Canada from our online dispensary.

9 reviews for Tropicanna Cookies

  1. Blake

    Wonderful. MMJ products, including this one are very well curated, and seem to be a cut above the dispensaries in my area.

  2. Cassie

    Tropicana cookies, love the name! It smells like fresh oranges right when you take the peel off, so citrusy! This to me is a 50/50 strain. I for sure have ADHD and this helps me calm down and unwind my wild mind. i def recommend this to anyone who needs a cool down. the price is always worth it too

  3. Morgan

    Nice fruity scent, nice size buds. Got a couple grams to try it out and enjoyed it, would order a bag if they were to have it in stock again.

  4. Stephone

    Love love love this tasty wild hybrid. Loved having this in a bowl to get those delicious terpenes. But it doesn’t stop there. You also get a giggling happy buzz to go with it
    Have some TropicanaCookies and a smile

  5. John David

    I am always hunting for citrus/sherbet strains and this one checked all of the boxes in that category. I regret not hogging this one when it was available – this one tastes like an orange, simple as that – it’s definitely one of my favourite strains in the fruity category – being sativa dominant this one is great for working out or running errands – you’ll remain cheerful throughout the buzz and it’ll lay you down soft before you load up your next smoke.

  6. Murray

    A very tasty smoke with a nice numbing buzz 🐝. Sativa lovers will definitely not be disappointed when smoking this fine bud. It’s a citrus tasting and smelling bud that gives a boost in energy, takes all your stresses way and leaves you in a happy euphoric state

  7. Maude

    It smells exactly as if you had spent half an hour taking the peels off of oranges and then you shoved your face in them and took a giant whiff. You take your whiff, and now you’re on to your puff. The smoke is thick and smooth both on the inhale and exhale. It tastes exactly like it smells. You almost instantly start to feel a comforting energy brewing in your head, where your creative juices begin to gush with inspiration and imagination. Overall: Very nice strain. It has Cookie and Tangie lineage and seems to have the best effects when consumed in the day-time. The Tangie provides a swift boost of comfortable energy, while the Cookies merges with it and starts to deliver some optimistic and free flowing euphoria.

    Taste 9.2/10
    Look 8/10
    Effect 9.1/10

  8. Spencer

    Hooooly shit, this hit. Was surprised to come back and see this was a AAA – I was sure it had been a AAAA (it sure smoked like it).

    It’s a breakthrough strain for the daily stoner, one that will get you stoned like the old days. At least it did for me!

  9. Matthew

    This tasted like summer for me, light stone and light taste of the tropics in one smoke. id hoenstly reccomnded this to anyone suffering from winter blues or needs a nice summer boost. mmj always grows pure and wise medicine for all ! pls buy this kind, these cookies will motivate you to study and be in nature.

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