UK Cheese

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60% Indica Dominant Hybrid

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UK Cheese Information

While most cheese aficionados may view Wisconsin or France as the kings of curds, the UK is making a name for itself in a different way. While Britain isn’t typically known for its premium cannabis strains, here’s an exception.

UK Cheese is one of the most popular strains in Europe, a pungent and stinky set of genetics that combines a unique smell with a balanced cannabinoid profile. It has a unique scent that combines spicy and skunky notes to create a true representation of the sharp aroma of cheddar.

This nearly-true hybrid also possesses a potent THC content, clocking in somewhere around the high teens. It also boasts a unique combination of effects, combining the relaxing effects of indicas with the bold, euphoric high of sativas.

What does UK Cheese do?

Smokers have reported that UK Cheese boosts mood, increases relaxation, and instills a cranial, stimulating high. Users say UK Cheese leaves them feeling uplifted and excited, if a little hungry. UK Cheese’s hybrid genetics also mean that it may be particularly adept at solving several health problems. For example, some evidence suggests that cannabis may be able to treat symptoms of issues like glaucoma, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and low appetite.

UK Cheese Appearance and Aroma

There’s a strange combination of aromas that emanate from UK Cheese buds. It features a combination of sweet, fruity, and spicy aromas that somehow combine to make the pungent scent of aged, musky cheese.

Some believe that this scent is a result of UK Cheese’s lineage, which may include Skunk #1 genetics. This strain, which emerged in the 1990s in Britain, features the stinky scent of skunk, similar to the powerful aroma that UK Cheese provides. Interestingly, the bold flavour of UK Cheese doesn’t disappear when a smoker sparks it. Instead, it intensifies it, with bold flavours that wash over the tongue.

5 reviews for UK Cheese

  1. Marc-Olivier

    That was good smell

  2. Nicholas

    Impressed with the taste and quality. Nice smell and consistent high.

  3. Pierrot

    Really good stuff. Smell like some good lold cheese pretty funny!

  4. Mitchell

    The cheese never disappoints. Had it first from a dispensary, finally ordered from here.. will order every time. 10/10 would recommend.

  5. Giuseppe

    The Smell and Taste were exactly on point. This one made me very happy. I would definitely purchase this strain again.

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