V+ Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil by Viridesco

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V+ Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil by Viridesco Information

Viridesco Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil is a special type of oil created as a cross between Blackberry Kush, Cookies, and Cream. These three names should tell you all you need to know about the flavour this oil. You’ll notice hints of berries and sweet cream, with a decent amount of earthiness and candy-like sweetness. All in all, this Viridesco oil is very tasty and aromatic. Any consumer would love having this for dinner!

Thanks to its 70% Indica dominance, this oil offers a steady relaxing experience that puts your body in a blissful state. You’ve never slept so good in a long time, and this oil will give you just that. The sweet relief of a good night’s sleep will improve your mood concentration, and performance for the next day. The effects will also carry over, bit by bit. Though, the relaxation will be the strongest during the first few hours upon consumption.

What are the effects of Viridesco Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil?

 This oil is a hybrid with mixed effects, though it’ll capitalize Indica benefits. So, you can expect a wholly therapeutic and relaxing journey from now on. This cherry oil has 66.11% cannabinoids, out of which:

  • 51.70% is THC
  • 9.66% is CBD
  • 1.82% is CBG
  • 0.85% is CBN
  • 0.67% is THCV
  • 1.42% are other cannabinoids

The total amount of cannabinoids comes around to 3306, a clear designation of a potent product. When you take a dose of this Viridesco Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil, the THC will affect your brain right away. It won’t make you euphoric or energetic. Instead, the 70% Indica profile will ensure that you become relaxed, comfortable, and tranquil. The soothing sedation starts at the back of your head and spreads downward, toward your toes. Needless to say, the effects are wholly therapeutic, and you can treat many medical conditions with this oil.

Are there are indications to use the Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil?

 The only real indication we have regarding the Viridesco Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil is that you should mind your dose. It’s not that the effects may overwhelm you, though that’s a possibility as well. Rather, you should be mindful of the dose you ingest because this oil doesn’t come in bottomless recipients. You should use it for as long as possible, and dosing it out is the perfect way to do that.

Medical patients should use this Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil to treat their symptoms, including headaches, chronic pains, muscular cramps, insomnia, appetite loss, and fatigue. Some consumers report beneficial effects in the case of their bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD, and even cancer symptoms. One instance of this Viridesco oil is enough to put you to sleep and relax your body thoroughly. Plus, the flavour is too good to miss out on, especially the mix between the berry and cherry aroma.


*Note: The exact THC percentage varies slightly with each new batch. Please contact us for the exact % of our current batch.

11 reviews for V+ Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil by Viridesco

  1. Jonathan

    I purchased a 5 ml syringe to smoke but the V Blackberry Cream Cherry found it’s way into my medicine cabinet.

    When smoking this oil (a line on a rolling paper) it puts me in a very serene mental state compared to what I’m rolling on it’s own. I found it particularly pleasant before stretching as my muscles are relaxed and it feels great.

    I can attest to it’s topical qualities, having rubbed a minicule amount on my gums following a tooth extraction and noticing an impact on inflamation (and the associated discomfort). I’m not sure how long it took, but all of a sudden I realised that the pain was no longer there and the swelling was minimized.

    The 5ml syringe itself is novel, with a screw type plunger for fine control of oil output. Pefect for oral dosing. No noticeable taste to it, just feels oily on the tongue.

  2. pierre

    this brand is the top shelf for oil extraction experts at there craft oils extracts simply the best i will try all there oils and # 1 all of them

  3. Robyn

    The Viridesco products in general are excellent for pain relief and/or addressing sleep issues, or for simple relaxation enjoyment. This product works like the others in addressing severe pain with real relief. I tend to buy what is available at the time because they all do work so well, but I caution light users to take it very lightly to see how they react to it. This particular is one of the better for flavor if that’s a priority for someone. It does take some time to hit – 30 mins to up to an hour, but when it does, it’s good for a few hours. Can’t recommend the Viridesco products enough.

  4. Jennifer

    Love this oil ..hits hard both eating and smoking… great to use when you have nothing to do but relax and chill..
    Add to your joint for a nice sweet burn..hits slow but when it does you’re flying for a few hours.. great to use before bed for a great sleep but you may wake up buzzed.. will continue to buy

  5. Jordan

    I bought a 4THC : 1CBD Mekong RSO from Viridesco in 2020 and ever since then I’ve been looking for something similar.
    This was great to add in edibles but i enjoyed it more when I mixed it with some live resin that I had.
    Having a little of this Vridesco in my dabs really balances the high from a crazy head high to something more managable.
    I will be buying more if I can find another Viridesco product that has a little bit of CBD.
    Thanks for the great pricing on this quality product!

  6. Vincent

    I have been using this type of oil for a while now for my chronic pain. I Usually look at the THC % to base my decision on and the strain type, but in this case I read the description and the reviews…. I had to see if it was that good…. Guess what.. it was the best I’ve had… Taste is amazing it’s thick so turn slowly…. Felt the soothing effect about 15 mins later…then after 45 minutes I was high as a kite….pain relief 90% this is a great for pain relief and relaxation 70% indacouch but not enough to keep you there unwillingly hehehe. Dose carefully very potent 😉
    I highly recommend you give this a try 5⭐

  7. Robert

    I will first wanted to start by saying, this product is very strong…I mean very strong. I bought this product to make gummies and special chocolate, because of my disease, I have a hard time to eat or sleep because of pain and nausea and taking products like this helps me to somewhat function. So I baked some chocolate and added some of this oil to my batch. I thought that I didn’t add enough oil to my chocolate, because when I sampled it, I couldn’t taste the oils like I thought that I should…after about 15 minutes, I got a bit of a buzz, so after I finished putting the chocolate In the molds, I liked off the spoon and and last little bits left..bad…bad…bad mistake. The first taste test I did…started off with a buzz..which I thought was at its strongest point, now started to really kick in. Put it this way, I was so wrecked, I was watching TV for 6 hours without the TV even being on…then unfortunately, the 2 round kicked in, because I liked off the spoon and bowl..all I have to say about that day,lesson learned. This is a great product, but need to be very cautious about the amount that you use.

  8. Jo-anne

    Having tried the Apricot, I thought I would try the large size Blackberry Cream .
    Knocked me on my butt in the most delightful way!😎❤️😜.
    I based my decision on a review from a chronic pain sufferer on this site.

    She was right! This works for pain relief when you can’t keep your prescription pain meds down!😁👀!

    As a chronic pain sufferer myself who has used every prescription pain med available and hated them all, I too found relief with this amazing product.😌😍!
    I will continue to order this specific Blackberry Cream Cherry when available.

    You won’t regret trying it if you suffer from chronic arthritic pain and inflammation!

    Thank you for bringing this product to market!❤️

  9. Heather

    Great product. I use for pain and appetite. My pain is so severe, I never get to feel “high”. It works great on pain though. Even if I’m uncontrollably vomiting up all my meds, I can usually keep some of this oil under my tongue. I heat up tap water, fill the tube the syringe comes in and close the lid for a bit. It melts enough, easy to twist out, I look in mirror and do couple cranks of syringe under tongue. I’ve been doing this for years so don’t recommend for a newbie. Would be great for edibles but I just use as is. Sometimes I do smoke a little dab for an extra kick.

  10. Kimberly

    A rich dark red colour and it has flavour. I absolutely love Viridesco products and this one has an additional punch to it. Even when using other Virirdesco oils I find if I take a little of this on top of that is sometimes gives you this nice warm feeling.

    Viridesco top notch and MMJ has been absolutely amazing in shipping and customer service for years now.

  11. Patrick

    Absolutely some of the best tasting , no matter if you eat or smoke it ,
    Eating was a excellent body high ,
    But smoking it you could really taste the blackberry creame , it was so tasty I’ll be buying more as soon as I’m out !

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